How much are Intelligence Service’s Contributions to Societies So Far? Aren’t Hiding Truth & Obstructions to Justice Felonies? (Deepak Sarkar,


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World already know about the incapabilities of CIA++ (a derivative of MI6), a 50 billion dollars Covert US Intelligence Agency, which failed The Americans on Virginia Tech Killings, 9/11/2001 Disaster, Oklahoma City Bombing, 1993 World Trade Center Bombing,  and other international terror related legally unproven incidents affecting world institutions and citizens. CIA couldn’t stop the assassinations of only Pulitzer Prize winning US President, John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy as well as Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on the American soil. Still today Loyal CIA couldn’t submit a report about its role on September 11, 2001, to the US Senate and Congress, after eleven (11) years!    


World also know the incapabilities of  776 million pounds British Intelligence Agency (MI6) which couldn’t stop the London subway bombing and princes Diana’s mysterious death! Examples of intelligence failures are enormous around the world yet the reasons are shrouded with secrecy leaving the citizens in the dark forever with subsequent baseless accusations and rumours!  


[Intelligence shrouded in secrecy only leading to military within military, country within a country, state within a state, city within a city, community within a community, with special immunity! Kolki]


[Pre-9/11 US-Canada Joint False Flag Operation to frame Muslims using them as CIA-FBI-CSIS-RCMP Moles: Imagine why CSIS, RCMP, FBI, CIA would jointly allow a car full of explosives to board Canadian & American Ferries under their careful eyes ignoring possibilities of Canadian and American casualties and cost of rescue, lawsuits as well as related investigations – only to frame the drivers as 2000 New Years Eve Bombers!]


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A community becomes sleepless if a killer is out there! Cities remain terrified when a serial killer is on the loose! Then imagine how countries worry constantly if mass killers can hide beyond justice and accountabilities in the name of National Interests and Securities! Whenever ‘National Security’ prevails over ‘Individual Freedom’ a State is heading toward Military transition! Therefore we must ask ourselves whose interests and securities are being served by guarding secrecies with faith in hearsay publicities from the authorities! Citizens must be concerned about any doubt that intelligence may be running military converting democracy to autocracy or monarchy!


Thus, as with the Neo-Conservatism enthusiasm Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) has been recruiting members for worldwide secret missions, following CIA & MI6 path, let us review what they have done so far to make Canadian life better or safer since its inception in 1984:


  1. It couldn’t stop the Bombing of Air India Flight 182 on June 23, 1985, the worst terrorism in Canadian History, killing 280 Canadian citizens, including 82 children, overall 329 passengers and crew aboard.


      Rather CBC report suggests that CSIS had a Mole in the group who were responsible for the

      meanest attack on Canadians terminating the flight that originated from Toronto over the

      Atlantic Ocean near Ireland. On June 22nd, 1985, Canadian Pacific Airline agent Jeanne

      Bakermans checked in two pieces of luggage at the Vancouver International Airport from a

      clean shaven would be passenger without confirmation connecting to Air India Flight

      182. Air India crew suspected unaccompanied luggage at the Mirabel Airport, Montreal, and

      asked for the Routine International Airline Procedure of baggage identification by onboard

      passengers. But the attending CSIS & RCMP officials at the Mirabel Airport insisted that the

      flight must leave immediately citing cost of holding the runway!


      Those two unaccompanied luggage from Vancouver contained Time Bombs that caused fatal

      termination of Air India Flight 182 as well as killed two baggage handlers at the Narita

      International Airport, Tokyo, Japan.


After 22 years, CSIS is still blocking the investigation blacking out most intelligence related

pages. It even destroyed most important wiretapping tapes (156) needed to establish truth in

the worst terrorist attack on the Canadian soil by still unknown Canadian Terrorists.

The destruction of evidence by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, meanwhile, was singled out by the judge for criticism during the trial as "unacceptable negligence." Why Canadians would pay to maintain Intelligence Agency which seems to destroy evidence, a felony, against Canadian National Security & Interests?


  1. It couldn’t stop the suspects, 2000 New Years Eve Bombers, take a car full of explosives to USA endangering life of all aboard the Ferry from Vancouver to Victoria and Victoria to Port Angeles! Imagine why CSIS, RCMP, FBI, CIA would jointly allow a car full of explosives to board Canadian & American Ferries under their careful eyes ignoring possibilities of Canadian and American casualties and cost of rescue, lawsuits as well as related investigations!


  1. It couldn’t predict anything about 9/11 and so far obstructing justice following CIA, FBI, tactics

          in USA! Most other world intelligences including German, French, Egyptian, warned CIA and US

          Administration about the attack!


  1. It couldn’t stop killing of four RCMP officers in Alberta and all other RCMP officers being killed

since 9/11 around Canada for mysterious reasons which only help the ‘Tough on crime’ and

‘More Defense spending’ ideology! 


  1. It couldn’t help victims of RCMP killings of Canadians in British Columbia, Alberta and



  1. It couldn’t tell Canadians why Virgin Atlantic Flight was sending ‘I have been hijacked’

without the knowledge of the pilot. And definitely it couldn’t say anything about the unusual

Air France Flight Termination in Toronto on the runway that followed the Virgin Atlantic test



  1. It couldn’t shed any light on the unthinkable BC Ferry disaster hitting rocks on shore way off

the route just after putting new GPSS system which made it prone to flight/voyage termination

by remote control.


But CSIS along with RCMP were very pre-emptive to arrest mostly Canadian boys and teenagers as suspected militants guarding them in solitary prison cells without access to lawyers and open public investigation all in the name of virtual war-on-terror, as far as Canadians are concerned! They have learned to talk like FBI in Oklahoma City bombing blaming it all on Ammonium Nitrate ignoring myriads of clues that a van parked with Ammonium Nitrate could never blow up that building in that way! FBI ignored and covered up all unexploded bombs in the debris!


Article: How Criminal Were FBI's Radical Fundamentalists Unit and CIA for the Success of the Uninterrupted 9/11 Military Coup by the Loyalists?


So, the question is what CSIS will do with the new found power and secrecy? Watch 9/11 type incidents happen in Canadian soil without its knowledge yet naming and arresting all suspects immediately afterwards without a doubt following the path of CIA, FBI and MI6?


Article: Bombing of Air India Flight 182 with full knowledge of CSIS and RCMP and related evidence destruction and deliberate disinformation afterwards blaming Sikh patsies!


This is a real food for thought for the Canadians! I have travelled with welcoming Canadian passport hiding my American identity for fear a lot. But Canadian secret mission in Afghanistan and treatment of detainees like the Americans are putting stains on Canadians as humanitarians worldwide!   


May God help us unify our consciousness so that our intelligence and military do not join the Axis Power in World War III which divisive forces had been actively initiating since mysterious 9/11, ignoring worldwide deaths & destruction, as the non-Semite NORDIC Cross advances toward Promise World humiliating loving Semite Jesus. 

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++ Historically CIA is a covert extension of UK’s MI6 after WWII to re-annex USA and so is Pakistan’s ISI to work outside British accountability for the United Monarchical colonial advantage against democratic free world!


"If the United States ever experiences an attempt at a coup to overthrow the government, it will come from the CIA. The agency represents a tremendous power$ and total unaccountability to anyone." --JFK (John F. Kennedy, 35th President of USA, assassinated on Nov 23, 1963)

$- CIA’s black budget is almost equal to UK’s Defense Budget?


[What 61 million Britons or 304 million Americans or 33 million Canadians or 21 million Australians or 4.1 million New Zealanders need to have a good life in their newly found homelands with unexploited enormous resources, unspoilt nature, and hospitable wise and caring natives? It is time to re-think what citizens gain from fighting wars that mainly embolden virtual private alliance (Vicar of Christ) at the cost of worldwide collateral damages and related sufferings! Kolki]


Canadian linked to anti-Islam film


“A sophisticated false-flag operation like 9-11 has an organizational structure with three basic levels:  architectural, operational, and working.  Atta and the 19 Arabs blamed as the hijackers of 9-11 were part of the working level, and were simply part of the deception.  That is, after all, how false-flag terror works.” - Andreas von Buelow, the former head of the parliamentary commission that oversaw the German intelligence agencies.


Article: It is Unfortunate, RAW became part of CIA and MI6, like ISI; What Else World Have Except Anarchy?


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Do we need to send our kids for History Lessons anymore if we let 9/11 military Coup go down in History as the work of Himalayan cave dweller diabetic patient Osama Bin Laden? Food for thought from Kolki!


How and why 9/11 type well planned precisely implemented military coup (false flag operation) was possible inside USA in broad day light hijacking Boeing Jets remotely (NASA Tested drones flying) using FAA implemented WAAS and LAAS technology to hit (D)GPS programmed sovereign targets ?


Article: NewPearlHarbour (9/11 False Flag Operation Motives and Means)


[Covert Intelligence is a deception for legalization of Mafia and Private Mercenaries to run shadow government hijacking democracy for the United Monarchy. Kolki]


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