[Without 9/11 Open Public Investigation American Government Is Corrupt and Criminal Regime Making All Talk About World Peace, Security, and Multi-Faith Moot Points. Kolki]

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9/11 Terrorist Attack Was A Well Coordinated Military Coup Meticulously Masterminded By The Loyalists At The White House Diligently Implemented From Pentagon!

[From the Author ofPoems by Kolki – Absolutely Humane”, “Real Path To 9/11&Sayings of Kolki”]


[NORAD: North American Air Defense; NEADS: North Eastern Air Defence; FAA: Federal Aviation Authority; NMCC: National Military Command Center; NRO-National Reconnaissance Office; NSA: National Security Agency; WTC-World Trade Center; ISI: Inter-Services Intelligence; PEOC: President’s Emergency Operations Center; NCC: Navy Command Center; UN: United Nations; CFR: Council On Foreign Relations]

Article: NewPearlHarbour (9/11 False Flag Operation Motives & Means)


[Abstract: On February 14, 2005, a car bomb explosion killed former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and several other people in his convoy. Following the incident USA/NATO along with the European Union called for an inquiry into the matter resulting in immediate UN Security Council Resolution 1595 for setting up an international commission of investigation. Ironically the same US Administration and Government opposed and/or derailed 9/11 public investigation to investigate killings of approximately 3000 citizens including firefighters, US military personnel and destruction of the World Trade Center Complex and part of the Pentagon housing the state-of-the-art Navy Command Center (NCC).  To this date, most of the 9/11 anomalies contradict the faith based official speculative reasoning of the massively planned precisely enacted terrorism inside USA evading super power intelligence, evasive FBI, counter terrorism protective measures, pre-emptive media, aggressive military, and vigilant NORAD. This well researched paper would expose factually that US military, CIA, FBI, President, Vice President, FAA, NORAD and Counter Terrorism, even key Senate and Congressional members were directly responsible for the success of 9/11 attack on WTC and Pentagon inflicting related deaths, destruction and sufferings for world citizens. To respect rule-of-law and proof-of-conviction, better late than never, like Hariri Tribunal, UN and European Union along with International Court of Justice must help ‘The Americans’ establish 9/11 Truth once for all with open public investigation Immediately to diagnose the very reason for the expensive and devastating ongoing global ‘War on Terror’!]


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Ever wondered as an American or world citizen why the deified protectors of America like Superman, Batman, and Spiderman couldn’t save New York City and Pentagon on 9/11/2001? Then you should have also wondered where they were hiding during the Anthrax attack on Democratic senators and media critical to the legitimacy of the Bush Presidency stopping Florida State vote counts! Well, they were fooled like other ordinary citizens because they couldn’t recognise evil within trusted law enforcements, agents, military, and government(s)! That is why all efforts of congressional and public inquiry were unitedly evaded, blocked, and finally disinformed citizens through a much delayed poorly funded ($3 Million -> $15 Million; compared to $80 Million spent for investigating President Clinton’s White Water deal and personal sex life) face saving biased commission which carefully ignored honest testimonials, trivial evidences, and conveniently adjusted timelines to support the Government Conspiracy Theory blaming alleged dead hijackers with box cutters for the massively well planned, well financed, well coordinated, well guarded precision destruction (3000+ victims) on US soil.    


Let us hear Sibel Edmonds, former FBI translator, "If they were to do real investigations we would see several significant high level criminal prosecutions in this country. And that is something that they are not going to let out. And, believe me; they will do everything to cover this up."



Let us also hear from Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) who sponsored legislation creating the 9/11 commission: “But getting White House cooperation will not be easy, The Bush administration slow-walked and stonewalled the congressional inquiry. I don’t see how you can have a thorough investigation without talking to the people who were in charge throughout the time period prior to 9/11[Craig Cox, Utne.com].


A thorough review of how Government procedures normally worked in USA including Federal Aviation Authority, Military, CIA, FBI, NSA, Counter Terrorism and NORAD (Joint North American Air Defense), would make it obvious that neither GOD (?) could do 9/11 nor the Russian Army.  Bin Laden might have thought about it like many victims of US Foreign Policy Blunders around the world but simply didn't have the means, expertise, massive manpower to plan and accomplish something like 9/11 in broad day light, especially on 9/11/2001 when military and NORAD were at the highest state of alert and readiness. Thus the official version is a conspiracy against Bin Laden and Islam for convenience of war on terror to kill ancient people and destroy their land for Evangelical Crusades, private military & oil industry gains, and NATO expansion!


Let us begin this article with a quote from NEOCONS’ favourite Winston Churchill’s dictum that, “In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.”  NEOCONS’ dossier ‘Project of the New American Century (PNAC)’ was all about starting wars for the century concocting ‘New Pearl Harbour’! It was no wonder that Bush Administration lied 935 times before illegal invasion of Iraq as well. Irish statesman John Philpot Curran once said, “The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance”.


Here is a short list of outstanding questions about 9/11 to remind the world why citizens must be vigilant:

It has been more than seven years since 9/11/2001 and still most of the basic questions about the success of that spectacular event remained unanswered: [Ref: 9-11 Commission Report, various 9-11 Timelines,  http://patriotsquestion911.com/, 9/11 Research http://911research.wtc7.net/index.html, History of Commons and many truth related sites, articles as well as media reports including Wikipedia]


          Why NORAD hijacking protocol was changed before 9/11 especially

          sending the new responsible coordinator Mike Canavan to Puerto Rico

          without back up? [http://www.kolki.com/peace/NORAD-Hijacking-Protocol.htm] 


            The most important Government Action which led to the success of the

          9/11 destruction inside USA was the change in NORAD hijacking protocol

          before 9/11: Per 1st Air Force's own book about 9/11, the “sector

          commander [at NEADS] would have authority to scramble the

          airplanes.”). But,


          Protocols in place on 9/11 stated that if the FAA needed the military

          to go after an airplane, “the escort service will be requested by the

          FAA hijack coordinator by direct contact with the National Military

          Command Center (NMCC).” But the FAA hijack coordinator, Mike

          Canavan, was silent in Puerto Rico without backup. [Smoking Gun]


          Why Vice President Dick Cheney would order Flight 77 to hit

          Pentagon as per then Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta’s

          testimony: "during the time that the airplane was coming into the

          Pentagon, there was a young man who would come in and said to the

          Vice President, 'the plane is 50 miles out, the plane is 30 miles out.'

          And when it got to 'the plane is 10 miles out," the young man also said

          to the Vice President, 'Do the orders still stand?' And the Vice

          President...said, 'Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard

          anything to the contrary?"? [Smoking Gun]


          Standard order was to shoot down any non-military aircraft entering the

          “Prohibited” airspace over Washington, in which “Civilian flying is

          prohibited at all times” (“Pilots Notified of Restricted Airspace;

          Violators Face Military Action,” FAA Press Release, September 28, 2001).

          (Note. Yet no military action was taken to evacuate and save Pentagon!)


          Why US military and NORAD preponed scheduled yearly Military

Exercises (Practice Armageddon, Global Guardian, Vigilant Warrior,

Amalgam Warrior and Vigilant Guardian – running war games including

airliner crashing) from October 22-31, 2001, to the week of September 11,

          2001? [Smoking Gun]


          • How AA 77 Boeing 757 Passenger Jet Hit Pentagon Surrounded By

          Absolute Military Airspace, When E-4B National Airborne Operations

          Center Was Flying Over Equipped With Most Sophisticated Military

          Options Ready For Actions As The Global Guardian?

Shortly before Flight AA 77 hit Pentagon around 9:37 a.m. an E-4B

National Airborne Operations Center (NAOC) took off from an unspecified

airfield outside of Washington, DC. E-4Bs are militarized versions of Boeing

747. The E-4B launched from outside Washington was supposed to be using and

testing its sophisticated technology and communications equipment.

[Omaha             World-Herald, 2/27/2002; Verton, 2003, pp. 143-144]

[Note. This E-4B (NAOC) would have been directing PEOC and NMCC

coordination and, by 9:37 a.m., Military, FAA, NORAD, PEOC, NMCC and

Secret Service would have been in full gear to intercept and/or destroy

any passenger jet flying over military airspace especially without active

transponder. This is nothing but cold blooded treason to destroy NCC and

Pentagon accountabilities guiding AA 77 hit target precisely!]       


Why Vice President Dick Cheney warned President Bush that hijackers

had access to the transponder of Air Force One suggesting hijackers were

capable of remote hijacking even Air Force One?


          Why then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld would say in Iraq “…the

          people who attacked the United States in New York, shot down the

          plane over Pennsylvania and attacked the Pentagon….”?


          Why 9/11 Commission Report would stress Flight 93 crashed when

          Donald Rumsfeld, President and Vice President stated clearly that it

          was shot down?

          "Well, I discussed it with the president. Are we prepared to order our

          aircraft to shoot down these airliners that have been hijacked? He said

          yes...  I--it was my advice. It was his decision."(Vice President Dick

          Cheney, September 11, 2001, source CBS News Archives)


          "That's a sobering moment, to order your own combat aircraft to shoot

          down your own civilian aircraft. But it was an easy decision to make,

          given the--given the fact that we had learned that a commercial aircraft

          was being used as a weapon. I say easy decision. It was--I didn't hesitate;

          let me put it to you that way. I knew what had to be done."(President

          George W. Bush, September 11, 2001, source CBS News Archives)


            How and why Cessna trained box cutter armed hijackers would hit

          Pentagon precisely destroying the newly refurbished Navy Command

          Center (NCC) capable of intelligence gathering similar to NSA, the

          Army Budget Office having books of $2.3 trillion missing from

          Pentagon and US Army’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel?



          Why FBI higher ups tried so desperately before 9/11 to stop fellow FBI

          Agents from searching suspected Al-Qaeda Zakarias Moussaoui’s laptop, yet

          charged him for masterminding 9/11 afterwards? (Note. A simple pre 9/11

          search would have exposed the covert spectacular implementation

          planed by people from inside!)  [Smoking Gun]

          Dave Frasca of the FBI’s Radical Fundamentalist Unit (RFU) denied a request

          from the Minneapolis FBI field office to seek a criminal warrant to search the

          belongings of Zacarias Moussaoui, who was arrested on August 15 as part of an

          intelligence investigation. [US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia,

            Alexandria Division, 3/9/2006]. A criminal warrant to search Moussaoui’s belongings

          would be granted only after the 9/11 attacks (September 11, 2001).


          Why alleged mastermind Zakarias Moussaoui’s diary had US private

          Mercenary company Blackwater’s telephone number?



            Why Pakistan’s ISI Director Lt. Gen. Mahmood Ahmed who

          allegedly transferred 100,000+ to alleged 9/11 mastermind Atta’s

          Florida Account was entertained by the higher ups in Bush

          Administration, Pentagon, and Key congressional members including

          Christopher Cox and Joe Biden, before, on, and after 9/11?

          [Smoking Gun]


          Why Osama bin Laden Periodically Underwent Dialysis with Approval

          of the ISI (CIA & MI6’s Main Link to Al-Qaeda)? Has Bin Laden Been in

          Secret US Custody Since 9/11? 

          Indian sources claimed, “Bin Laden, who suffers from renal         deficiency,

          has been periodically undergoing dialysis in a Peshawar military hospital

          with the knowledge and approval of the ISI, if not of Pakistani President

          Musharraf himself.” [SAPRA (New Delhi), 7/2/2001]

          Jane’s Intelligence Digest later reported the story adding, “None of

          these details will be unfamiliar to US intelligence operatives who have

          been compiling extensive reports on these alleged activities.”

          [Jane's Intelligence Digest, 9/20/2001]

          CBS later reported bin Laden had emergency medical care in Pakistan

          the day before 9/11. [CBS News, 1/28/2002]

        [Notes: Naturally an emergency patient would be under ISI-CIA-MI6

        custody explaining US Military indifference to hunt bin Laden!]


          Why on August 31, 2001, Transportation Department Held Plane

          Hijacking Exercise similar to 9/11 including cell phone calls?

          According to Ellen Engleman, the administrator of the DOT’s Research and

          Special Programs Administration, “This was actually much more than a

          tabletop exercise, during that exercise, part of the scenario, interestingly

          enough, involved a potentially hijacked plane and someone calling on a cell

          phone, among other aspects of the scenario that were very strange when 12

          days later, as you know, we had the actual event [of 9/11].”

          [Mineta            Transportation Institute, 10/30/2001, pp. 108]

          [Note. Rehearsals like this as well in Pentagon directly contradicted

          then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s statement that no one

          could ever envision planes would be used as missiles?]


          Why FAA would set up communication channel with the White House

          just prior to Flight 11 hit WTC North Tower letting President Bush view

          the first plane crash videoed by French crewmen blocks away from WTC?


            Shortly before the first WTC plane crash, the FAA opened a telephone

          line with the Secret Service to keep the White House informed of all

          events. [Sources: Richard ("Dick") Cheney] A few days later, Vice

          President Cheney stated, “The Secret Service had an arrangement with

          the FAA. They had open lines after the World Trade Center was ...”

          (He stopped himself before finishing the sentence.) [MSNBC, 9/16/01]


            Coincidentally two (2) French documentary filmmakers were filming a

          documentary on New York City firefighters about ten blocks from the

          WTC ended up recording the 9/11 Saga right from the first WTC crash.

          They continued shooting footage non-stop for        many hours, and their

          footage was first shown that evening on CNN. [New York Times,

          1/12/02] President Bush later claimed that he saw the first attack

          live on television. [Wall Street Journal, 3/22/04]

            [Notes. The president can only see it on CCTV on Limo via FAA Channel!]


          Why FAA rescinded rule allowing guns in cockpits just two months

          before the 9/11 disaster? (Is it so that the alleged Hijackers with box

          cutters theory be viable?) [http://911research.wtc7.net/sept11/disarm.html]  

            For 40 years prior to 9/11/01, a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

          rule had allowed commercial airlines pilots to carry firearms in the

          cockpit. Just two months before 9/11/01, the FAA rescinded the rule.


Why all 9/11 flights were delayed approximately 14-40 minutes from

scheduled take offs? Was it for the convenience of remote hijacking

strategy? [http://www.kolki.com/peace/9-11-Flights-Delayed.htm]


          Who Sent False Bomb Threats To 9/11 Related Air Traffic Controllers

          (ATCs) Derailing Focuses On The Hijacked Airliners And Ensuring

          SOS Transmissions From Ill-fated Pilots Remain Unattended? [James

            Hillston, “From Takeoff to Takeover: Putting It All Together,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,

            28 October 2001]

          CNN reported that, while Flight 11 was heading toward the World Trade

          Center, “[S]ources say there were bomb threats called in to air traffic control

          centers adding to the chaos.” One center receiving such threats was the FAA’s

          Boston Center, which handled air traffic over New England and monitored

          flights 11 and 175. Cleveland Center, which would monitor Flight 93, receives

          similar threats. According to Newsweek, “Officials suspect that the bomb

          threats were intended to add to the chaos, distracting controllers from tracking

          the hijacked planes.” [Newsweek, 9/22/2001; CNN, 9/30/2001]

          [Notes. The remote High-Tech flight terminators covered themselves

          from all possibilities of losing remote control which could have

          facilitated control back to pilots, even momentarily, to notify ATCs

          that there were no physical hijackers on board and the planes were

          being flown as drones disabling transponders and cockpit



          Why President Bush’s Longboat Key Resort had tight overnight security

          on September 10, 2001, including Surface to Air missiles, but Pentagon

          couldn’t fire the anti-aircraft missile to stop Flight 77 from crashing!


          Why Securacom, a Kuwait-American owned foreign company, where

          Marvin P. Bush, the ex-president’s younger brother, was a principal,

          provided security for the World Trade Center, United Airlines, and Dulles

          International Airport on 9/11?



          If Israel could warn its Odigo Headquarter (two blocks from WTC)

          employees at 6:45am on 9/11 then why CIA, FBI, Counter Terrorism and

          Key Congressional members couldn’t warn WTC and Pentagon Employees

          as well as fellow Americans overall?

          At 6:00 a.m. Israeli Company Odigo, one of the world’s largest instant

          messaging companies, received warnings of imminent attack in New York City

          at its headquarters in New York two blocks from WTC. “Instant Messages To

          Israel Warned Of WTC Attack,” Washington Post, 27 September 2001.



          Why President Bush would think that CIA briefings before 9/11

          warning about upcoming attack werecovering ones Ass’?

            [Notes. Was it because he knew that those were false flags for future

          cover ups?]


          A CIA briefer went to Bush's Crawford ranch to read to the president a briefing

          called, "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US" (2 redacted pages out of 11

          reported). After the briefing, Bush told the CIA man, "All right. You've covered

          your ass, now." Bush then went fishing.


Why CIA didn’t go public with its absolute warning of the upcoming

Spectacular event briefed only to key administration and congressional



Why all CIA helicopters and resources were sent to Monterey,

California before 9/11 despite CIA’s absolute knowledge and urgent

briefings of the upcoming attack?


Why former Counter Terrorism Czar Richard Clarke didn’t go public

with the imminent massive spectacular threat briefed during CIA



Why key Congressional and Senate leaders didn’t go public with the

threat mentioned during the pre-9/11 CIA briefings?


Why New York/ New Jersey Port Authority sold public property WTC

to Silverstein Properties and West Field America just 6-weeks prior to

9/11 [Notes. Deal brokered by former Bilderberg Chairman and current 

Steering Committee member David Rockefeller who is also the Chairman of CFR

and Trilateral Commission.)?

            Journalist Joseph Kraft, a former member of both the CFR and the

          Trilateral Commission, said the Council "comes close to being an organ of

          what C. Wright Mills has called the Power Elite – a group of men, similar

          in interest and outlook, shaping events from invulnerable positions

          behind the scenes."[WikiCFR]


How the 47-storied WTC7 was wired for controlled demolition (5:20

p.m.) within less than 7 hours since the claimed free fall (in ten

seconds) of WTC Towers (South Tower at 9:58:59 a.m. and North Tower at

10:28 a.m.)? [Smoking Gun]


Why BBC would broadcast World Trade Building 7 collapsed at

4:57pm EST repeating it at 5pm on 9/11 when the building actually

collapsed at 5:20pm? (Was BBC following script for the event as well?)


Why none of the hijacker’s name appeared on the airlines

passenger lists? (A photo ID check showing name on the ticket was

always a norm)

[The original airliners passenger and crew lists from all 4 flights of 9/11 added to 266

people on board. Yet when one adds up the 4 official death manifest lists published on

CNN.com, there are only 229 names. Somehow 37 people are missing including all 19

alleged hijackers. There is not even a single Arabic name there]


Who jammed Air Force One and Secretary of State Collin Powell’s

phone lines during the 9/11 Saga, the worst crisis inside USA?

The then Secretary of State Colin Powell in Lima, Peru, abruptly ended

his breakfast with the Peruvian president after getting word of the

second strike on the trade center (WTC) and made plans to return to

Washington. … He had a seven-hour flight, with poor phone connections,

ahead of him. Ex-President Bush, the Commander-in-Chief, also

complained about poor connection on Air Force One.  Communications

with Washington were so poor that President Bush told 9-11 commission

was "deeply dissatisfied" with the technical problems, at one point

resorted to using a cell phone. [9-11 Timeline; 9-11 Commission]

[Notes. Who were jamming these important secured phone lines during

spectacular much anticipated national emergency; Alleged dead

hijackers armed with box-cutters or high-tech pre-emptive military?]


Why military cargo C-130 was sent to check on hijacked airliners UA

93 and AA 77 instead of scrambling fighter jets per routine NORAD



Why President Bush didn’t act as the Commander-in-Chief right

from the beginning of the event? (Notes. He asked Vice President

Cheney what he should do! Was it because Richard B. was in charge of

the Shadow Government in place already?)


Why none of the crew could inform ground control ‘I have been


“In the event of a hijacking, all airline pilots are trained to key an

emergency four-digit code into their plane’s transponder. This would

surreptitiously alert air traffic controllers, causing the letters ‘HJCK’ to

appear on their screens.” [CNN, 9/13/2001; Newsday, 9/13/2001;

News (Portugal), 8/3/2002; 9/11 Commission, 7/24/2004, pp.17-18]

“The action, which pilots should take the moment a hijack situation is

known, only takes seconds to perform.” [CNN, 9/12/2001;

Christian Science Monitor, 9/12/2001;] “Yet during the hijackings of

flights 11, 175, 77, and 93, none of the pilots do this.” [CNN, 9/11/2001]

[Smoking Gun] [Notes. This only happens when planes are remotely

controlled locking on the transponder – be it Boeing or Global Hawk drone!]


Who keyed on Flight 175’s cockpit microphone before departing

from Boston Logan Airport?

At 8:41 a.m. the FAA's New York Center requested information about Flight 11

over the radio. Flight 175 responded: "[...]ah we heard a suspicious transmission

on our departure out of Boston ah with someone ah, ah sound like someone sound

like someone keyed the mike and said ah 'everyone ah stay in your seats'"[2]

[Notes. This can only be explained as remote hijacking testing to ensure

Flight 175 could be taken over later! Since Cockpit microphones were

disabled in all hijacking cases along with the transponders on 9/11

resulting in Pilot’s silence, all hijacking related messages from unknown

sources to selected ATCs and/or Flight 175 couldn’t come from the

cockpit(s); thus they were nothing but acting per New Pearl Harbour

script faking physical hijacking from secret location(s)!]


Since the alleged hijackers were mostly from Saudi Arabia why US

didn’t threat and attack Saudi Arabia?


Since money was transferred to alleged mastermind’s Florida

account from Pakistan’s intelligence boss why US didn’t warn and

attack Pakistan instead of Afghanistan?


Why FBI higher ups ordered agents to prepare for the disaster and

not stop it from happening? Acting FBI Director Thomas Pickard held a

periodic conference call with the heads of all FBI field offices. This was to

bring to light of all the increased threat reporting. However, he did not task

the field offices to look into whether any plots were being considered

within the US; nor did he tell them to take any action to disrupt any such

plots. [9/11 Commission, 7/24/2004, pp. 259]


Why both President Bush and Vice President Cheney would

vehemently oppose judicial, congressional, and public inquiry

regarding pre-9/11 CIA briefings and possible pre-knowledge inside

Administration, Pentagon, CIA, FBI, FAA, and NSA?

            ‘President Bush personally asked Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle Tuesday

            to limit the congressional investigation into the events of September 11,

            congressional and White House sources told CNN. (John Karl and John King,


            "The vice president expressed the concern that a review of what happened on

            September 11 would take resources and personnel away from the effort in the war

            on terrorism," Daschle told reporters.

            (Notes. Coincidentally Anthrax was sent to Tom Daschle afterwards!)


Who sent special US military grade Anthrax to Senators connected with Judiciary Committee and Media critical to Bush Presidency?  



Who were short selling stocks related to all 9/11 targets, airliners, related corporations and insurances with definite pre-knowledge? [Notes. Since computer keeps records as well as audit log of each stock related transaction and knows details of each transaction executor, it would have been a matter of days to expose the identities of all the sources] 


People with foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks short sold reinsurance company stocks that were insuring either or both the airplanes and the buildings involved in the attacks. [Agence France-Presse, 9/17/2001] The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) later announced that they were investigating the trading of shares of 38 companies in the days just before 9/11. [Associated Press, 10/2/2001; San Francisco Chronicle, 10/3/2001] There was a sharp increase in the short selling of American and United Airlines stocks on the New York Stock Exchange prior to 9/11. [Reuters, 9/20/2001; San Francisco Chronicle, 9/22/2001]


Why Medics Were Trained in May 2001 For Airplane Boeing 757

Hitting Exactly The West Side of Pentagon?

The Army’s DiLorenzo Tricare Health Clinic (DTHC) and the Air Force

Flight Medicine Clinic, both housed within the Pentagon, held a tabletop exercise along with Arlington County Emergency Medical Services. The scenario practiced for was of an airplane crashing into the Pentagon’s west side—the same side as was impacted in the attack on 9/11. [US Department of Health and Human Services, 7/2002, pp. B17; Goldberg et al., 2007, pp. 23 and 107] According to US Medicine newspaper, the plane in the scenario was a hijacked Boeing 757. [US Medicine, 1/2002] Flight 77, that targeted the Pentagon on 9/11, was a 757. [New York Times, 9/13/2001]


Why CIA destroyed Al-Qaeda harsh interrogation video after hiding

them from the 9/11 commission?

          George Tenet was CIA chief when the tapes were made, and Porter Goss

          headed the agency when the tapes were destroyed. Destruction of

          evidence is a felony in a civil society! Both of them had meetings with

          then ISI Director Lt. Gen. Mahmood Ahmed (the alleged fund

          transferer to alleged Atta’s Florida account) before, on and after 9/11.

          Thus without 9/11 investigations         some high level criminals enjoying

          public life as celebrities with legal immunity!



Why US military destroyed Able/Danger database that was tracking alleged Al-Qaeda members, including alleged Atta, inside USA since 1999. Able Danger was an 18-month highly classified operation tasked, according to Army reserve Lieutenant-Colonel Anthony Shaffer, with “developing targeting information for al-Qaeda on a global scale”, and used data-mining techniques to look for “patterns, associations, and linkages”. He said that he himself had first encountered the names of the four alleged hijackers in mid-2000.


          During his briefing to Congressman Weldon Mr. Russ Caso, his chief of

          staff, called Chris Cojm at the 9/11 Discourse Project to find out if the

          9/11 commission had ever heard of ABLE DANGER. Chris quickly checked

          and told Russ “Yes – we had heard of it” – Russ then asked him why they

          had not put it in their final report – Cojm’s answer was “It did not fit

          with the story we wanted to tell”.


          Lt. Colonel Shaffer was not rewarded for his candid patriotism, rather

          disciplined and humiliated by Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) revoking

          his top secret clearance and destroying all his ABLE DANGER related e-

          mails, documents and back up data for reference.   



Why FAA Managers would destroy 9/11 tapes?

            Six air traffic controllers provided accounts of their communications with

          hijacked planes on Sept. 11, 2001, on a tape recording that was later

          destroyed by Federal Aviation Administration managers, according to a

          government investigative report issued today. [Sara Kehaulani Goo,

          Washington Post, May 6, 2004]

          "The destruction of evidence in the Government's possession, in this

          case an audiotape -- particularly during times of national crisis -- has

          the effect of fostering an appearance that information is being

          withheld from the public." - Inspector General.



It will be obvious as we step through this article that 9/11 wasn’t failure of intelligence or administration; it was well choreographed successful military coup coordinating like minded high level officials and their network while instantly blaming Bin Laden without any open public investigation and proof-of-conviction to start long intended wars against Afghanistan and Iraq for oil and NATO/Israeli supremacy!  That is the only reason why both President and Vice President vehemently preached against congressional as well as public investigation to identify the cause of 9/11 disaster even blocking pre 9/11 CIA briefings that particularly and specifically described the upcoming event.  


            ‘President Bush personally asked Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle Tuesday

            to limit the congressional investigation into the events of September 11,

            congressional and White House sources told CNN. (John Karl and John King,



            "The vice president expressed the concern that a review of what happened on

            September 11 would take resources and personnel away from the effort in the war

            on terrorism," Daschle told reporters.


Just imagine that a cancer patient is not being diagnosed because doctors believe that the cancer might spread further if the case is investigated! Also imagine a suspected serial killer is not being interrogated/tried because the killer would be more violent inflicting more casualties! It is more than seven years and US as well as world citizens have no idea how the mass killers successfully planned and implemented the 9/11 type massive destruction in broad day light inactivating or incapacitating all normal procedures and accountabilities! Yet Iraq and Afghanistan have been invaded killing and displacing millions, insulting United Nations, and bypassing rule-of-law and proof of convictions while terrorizing the world with rumours and unilateral actions by US/NATO/Israeli military administrations.


That is why it is the most important and urgent world issue to open 9/11 public investigation immediately supervised by a neutral international body like UN coordinating with the International Court!


Let us review history of private US Defense industry, military ambition, and NECONS/Evangelic suggested methodology for world supremacy:


"In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist."

Dwight D. Eisenhower,
Farewell Address to the Nation, January 17, 1961


On March 13, 1962, a top secret document outlining the key components of

Operation Northwoods was presented by the then American Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army Gen. Lyman L. Lemnitzer, to the Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara with suggestions including:

· Staging the assassinations of Cubans living in the United States,

· Developing a fake "Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami and

other cities of Florida, as well as Washington DC,"

· Sinking a boatload of Cuban refugees (real or simulated),"

· Faking remote controlled Cuban air force attack on a civilian jetliner,


· Concocting a "Remember the Maine" incident by blowing up a U.S. ship

in Cuban waters and then blaming the incident as Cuban sabotage.


Now let us review NECONS document for Rebuilding America’s Defense (Page 51) as part of the ‘Project For the New American Century (PNAC)’,


Creating Tomorrow’s Dominant Force - the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event like a New Pearl Harbour”.




[Donald Rumsfeld    Vin Weber    George Weigel    Paul Wolfowitz   Elliott Abrams

Gary Bauer    William J. Bennett    Jeb Bush  Dick Cheney    Eliot A. Cohen    Midge Decter    Paula Dobriansky    Steve Forbes  Aaron Friedberg    Francis Fukuyama    Frank Gaffney    Fred C. Ikle  Donald Kagan    Zalmay Khalilzad    I. Lewis Libby    Norman Podhoretz
Dan Quayle
    Peter W. Rodman    Stephen P. Rosen    Henry S. Rowen ]

Thus, 9/11 disaster (spectacular as predicted by then Counter Terrorism Czar Richard Clarke) in US soil was a requirement for re-establishing American Military Supremacy throughout the world in peace time, as viewed by this group of people and their network.


Now let us hear Excerpt from then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (who also predicted New Pearl Harbour during his acceptance speech in January, 2001) in CNN’s ‘Larry King Live’ regarding his 9/11 morning meeting with a congressional delegation including Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, and Representative Christopher Cox (R)


 I had said at an 8:00 o'clock breakfast that sometime in the next two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve months there would be an event that would occur in the world that would be sufficiently shocking that it would remind people again how important it is to have a strong healthy Defense department that contributes to -- That underpins peace and stability in our world”.


The same Secretary of Defense would predict moments before Flight 77 hit Pentagon to Christopher Cox, the defense policy committee chairman of the House of Representatives who was watching TV coverage of WTC, "Believe me, this isn't over yet. There's going to be another attack, and it could be us." [Telegraph, 12/16/01]


Thus, many actions and events revealed during 9/11 commission’s interrogations including emergency drills prior to and on 9/11 by key Government, Administration, Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Media and influential powerful private citizens somehow lead to impressions that many of them were following the well choreographed script for the success of much needed 9/11 disaster for stronger private allied (NATO) power in peace time.


Thus without 9/11 investigation we may have been being ruled by mass murderers who committed treasons as politicians campaign for ‘tough on crime’ to put more ordinary felons and resentors in private prison cells!


We will now dive into simple proof how easily US administration, military, intelligence, federal agencies, and law enforcement could have stopped 9/11, but they didn’t rather watched the military success of New Pearl Harbour for invading Afghanistan and Iraq while enhancing NATO/Israeli security and evangelical monarchist supremacy around the world.


But first we must address the reasons for the unprecedented silence from the main stream media, rather betrayal to help covering up the worst State-sponsored War Crime in human history insulting and frustrating law abiding good honest citizens of America and around the world:

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The most puzzling question to world citizens must have been why main stream media had been silent about obvious 9/11 anomalies yet vocal against the truth seekers! Here is the answer:


Let us hear from the American God Father (Ex-Chairman & current

steering committee member of secretive private world power Bilderberg

as well as Chairman of the secretive Trilateral commission) David


“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times,

Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors

have attended our meetings and respected their promises of

discretion for almost forty years.”

Speaking at the June, 1991 Bilderberger meeting in Baden, Germany (a meeting

also attended by then-Governor Bill Clinton and Dan Quayle)

[10 years before 9/11]

Operation MOCKINGBIRD — in late 40s the CIA began recruiting American news organizations and journalists to become spies and disseminators of propaganda. The effort was headed by Frank Wisner, Allan Dulles, Richard Helms and Philip Graham. Graham had been publisher of The Washington Post, which became a major CIA player. Eventually, the CIA’s media assets would include ABC, NBC, CBS, Time, Newsweek, Associated Press, United Press International, Reuters, Hearst Newspapers, Scripps-Howard, Copley News Service and more. By the CIA’s own admission, at least 25 organizations and 400 journalists became CIA assets [Ref: A Timeline of CIA Atrocities by Steve Kangas]. (Now extrapolate the scenario in 2001 after 50 years)

In an October 1977 article published by Rolling Stone magazine, Washington Post Reporter Carl Bernstein (famous for unfolding the Watergate Scandal) reported that more than 400 American journalists worked for the CIA.  Bernstein went on to reveal that this cozy arrangement had covered the preceding 25 years.  Sources told Bernstein that the New York Times, America’s most respected newspaper at the time, was one of the CIA’s closest media collaborators.  Seeking to spread the blame, the New York Times published an article in December 1977, revealing that “more than eight hundred news and public information organisations and individuals,” had participated in the CIA’s covert subversion of the media.

Yellow Journalism: When Robert Parry reported the first breaking stories about Iran-Contra for Associated Press that were largely ignored by the press and congress, then moving to Newsweek he witnessed a retraction of a true story for political reasons.  In ‘Fooling America: A Talk by Robert Parry’ he said, “The people who succeeded and did well were those who didn’t stand up, who didn’t write the big stories, who looked the other way when history was happening in front of them, and went along either consciously or just by cowardice with the deception of the American people.

It’s all started with the fathers of Yellow Journalism, William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer, back in 1898 before the Spanish War to arouse Americans with fabricated stories for the rallying cry “Remember the Maine! To hell with Spain.”

Artist Frederick Remington found little to report about Spanish atrocities and wrote to his boss: “There is no war, Request to be recalled.” Hearst sent a cable in reply: “Please remain. You furnish the pictures, I’ll furnish the war.” Hearst was true to his word. For weeks after the Maine disaster, the Journal devoted more than eight pages a day to the story. Not to be outdone, other papers followed Hearst’s lead. So it is not a secret how private Media monopoly could spread gossips and rumours for ideological advantages blocking real news and derailing real issues. [http://www.smplanet.com/imperialism/remember.html]

Now let us go straight to the very trivial proof before getting lost in the forest of the much delayed disruptive commission report and official disinformation of well rehearsed coordinated lies through loyal media whose allegiances are towards the NATO/Israeli alliance supervised by the global Monarchial alliance secretive Bilderberg under the blessed guidance of Evangelical Holy See.


  1. Mr. Dick Cheney, supreme court installed Ex-Vice President (known as Robert B. in CIA’s covert Allec Station) could have saved Pentagon, it’s newly upgraded U.S. Navy Command Center (NCC), and 125 fellow Americans at the Pentagon including fellow alumni of Golden Gate University  Lieutenant General Timothy Maude!


But he didn’t perform as US Vice President that morning when

Americans needed him most! Let us again hear from Transportation

Secretary Norman Mineta testifying before 9/11 Commission (his

recollections at the White House PEOC after he arrived at about 9:20 a.m.),

during the time that the airplane was coming into the Pentagon,

there was a young man who would come in and said to the Vice

President, ‘the plane is 50 miles out, the plane is 30 miles out.’ And

when it got to ‘the plane is 10 miles out,” the young man also said to

the Vice President, ‘Do the orders still stand?’ And the Vice

President...said, ‘Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard

anything to the contrary?[Smoking Gun]


            [During the September 11, 2001 attacks, the Executive Briefing Room adjacent to

            the PEOC was occupied by Dick Cheney, Lynne Cheney,     Condoleezza Rice,

            Mary Matalin, Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Joshua Bolten, Karen Hughes, Stephen Hadley,

            David Addington, and Secret Service agents.[1] ]


          Secretary Mineta arrived at PEOC around 9:20 a.m., by then all

          pertinent military, civilian officials, and secret service knew of World

          Trade Center crashes as well as Flight AA 77 and Flight UA 93 hijacking

          in progress!


The standard order was to shoot down any non-military aircraft entering

the “Prohibited” airspace over Washington, in which “Civilian flying is

prohibited at all times (“Pilots Notified of Restricted Airspace;

Violators Face Military Action,” FAA Press Release, September 28, 2001).


Since the attacking airplane was not intercepted and destroyed firing

Anti-aircraft missile from Whitehouse or Pentagon, even though the

Vice President knew of it, “the orders” might have been to allow the

plane to hit the Pentagon at 9:37am since the military machinery for

implementing the “New Pearl Harbour” was in the process and a bomb

had already destroyed NCC around 8:32am per implementation script. So

the remotely hijacked Flight 77 had to hit Pentagon at the programmed

GPS coordinates performing miraculous manoeuvres as part of Global

Guardian War Games supervised from E-4B National Airborne Operation

Center Surveillance above and monitored from big screens of NSA and



This is nothing but treason and was more than enough to impeach

Bush administration just after 9/11. The inaction from the Congress

and Senate, which tried to impeach President Clinton for personal

sex life, can be also interpreted as treason!


  1. President Bush could have sent Fighter Pilots from Long Island New York base to intercept both planes before they hit WTC since FAA security line was open with Whitehouse and Flight 11 was hijacked around 8:20am, saving both towers and all the people along with it as well, not to mention, saving dear tax dollars from the disaster related expenditures and subsequent 13% rise of military spending.


But He Didn’t! He went to the Emma E. Booker Elementary School to read “My Pet Goat” to a class of minority children accompanied by all key White House staff enjoying gentle ride in tax payers paid most sophisticated high-tech limo equipped to receive any emergency briefings and ready for any presidential order including military!


          In preparation for the president’s visit to the Colony Beach and Tennis Resort,

          all guests were cleared out of the building “to make way for the invasion of

          White House staffers, aides, communications technicians—even an

          antiterrorism unit.” Overnight, snipers and surface-to-air missiles were

          located on the roof of the    Colony and adjacent structures, to protect the

          president. “The Coast Guard and the Longboat Key Police Department

          manned boats that patrolled the surf in front of the resort all night.

          Security trucks with enough men and arms to stop a small army parked right

          on the beach. An Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) plane

          circled high overhead in the clear night sky.”

          [Sammon, 2002, pp. 13 and 25; Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 9/10/2002]


Thus it is obvious that Ex-President Bush made himself well guarded

against 9/11 with preknowledge from CIA briefings but left Americans

uninformed, unwarned, and unguarded!


  1. FBI higher ups could have stopped 9/11 disaster simply by allowing

fellow FBI agents search suspected Al-Qaeda mastermind Zacarias

     Moussaoui’s belongings including Laptop. [Smoking Gun]

     But FBI Radical Fundamentalist Unit Headquarter vehemently

     opposed search warrant from the FBI Minneapolis field office for the

     suspected terrorist           mastermind Zacarias Moussaoui’s belongings!

     Minneapolis division chief          Coleen Rowley said, “I feel that certain

     facts… have, up to now, been omitted, downplayed, glossed over

     and/or mischaracterized in an   effort to avoid or minimize personal

     and/or institutional embarrassment on the part of the FBI and/or

     perhaps even for improper political reasons.” She asked, “Why would

     an FBI agent deliberately sabotage a case? The superiors acted so

     strangely that some agents in the Minneapolis office openly joked

     that those higher-ups ‘had to be spies or moles… working for Osama

     bin Laden.’


Immigration and Naturalization Service agent Steve Nordmann, one of the officers who arrested Zacarias Moussaoui (August 16, 2001), pressed for a warrant so that law enforcement bodies could search Moussaoui’s computer files. He would later write of his regret that they were not allowed to access Moussaoui’s laptop. More details were not known as Nordmann died in a motorcycle accident in 2003 and would not testify at Moussaoui’s trial. [Star-Tribune (Minneapolis), 6/28/2003; St. Cloud Times, 9/7/2003]


Kathleen McChesney. [Source: FBI] FBI agent Robert Wright was continuing to protest and fight the cancellation of the Vulgar Betrayal, the most significant US government investigation into terrorist financing. In January 2001, he claimed that his supervisor told him, “I think it’s just better to let sleeping dogs lie.” FBI agent John Vincent backed up the allegation. [ABC News, 12/19/2002]


At a conference held in Washington, DC, on July 11, 2001, Assistant FBI Director Dale Watson, the head of the Counterterrorism Division, warned that a significant terrorist attack was likely on US soil. He said, “I’m not a gloom-and-doom-type person. But I will tell you this. [We are] headed for an incident inside the United States.” [National Governors Association, 7/10/2001 pdf file; Reuters, 7/12/2001; Newsday, 4/10/2004]


After 9/11, FBI translator Sibel Edmonds made allegations of serious FBI misconduct, “In July or August 2001, an unnamed FBI field agent discovered foreign documentation revealing certain information regarding blueprints, pictures, and building material for skyscrapers being sent overseas. It also revealed certain illegal activities in obtaining visas from certain embassies in the Middle East, through network contacts and bribery.FBI translation unit supervisor Mike Feghali decided not to send translated information back to the field agent aiding in the success of 9/11. The revelation had been blocked from public by a congressional gag order but in January 2005 an internal government report determined that most of Edmonds’ allegations have been verified and none of them could be refuted. [Edmonds, 8/1/2004; Anti-War (.com), 8/22/2005]


  1. CIA could have stopped 9/11 disaster warning public and exposing ISI Director’s Alleged 100,000+ Fund Transfer from Pakistan to Able-Danger tracked alleged Atta’s account in Florida! But they didn’t! They let the remotely hijacked Boeing 757 and 767 hit precisely programmed targets only to label them as attacks! [Smoking Gun] 


In May 2001, then CIA Director Tenet Secretly Visited Pakistan and had a

long meeting with then ISI Director Lt. Gen. Mahmood Ahmed who

allegedly sent 100,000+ to alleged Atta’s account in Florida before his

week long trip (Sep 4-13) to Washington DC for mysterious meetings at

the Pentagon and National Security Council” as well as meetings with

CIA Director Tenet (September 9, 2001), unspecified officials at the

White House and the Pentagon, and his “most important meeting” with

Marc Grossman, US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs. [News (Islamabad), 9/10/2001]


     Shortly after a pivotal al-Qaeda warning given by the CIA to top officials

     (July         10, 2001), Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence Steve Cambone

     expressed doubts. He spoke to CIA Director George Tenet, and, as Tenet later

     recalled, “he asked if I had considered the possibility that al-Qaeda threats  

     were just a grand deception, a clever ploy to tie up our resources and

     expend our energies on a phantom enemy that lacked both the power and

     the will to carry the battle to us.” Tenet claimed he replied, No, this is not

     a deception, and, no, I do not need a second opinion.… We are going to get

     hit. It’s only a matter of time.” [Tenet, 2007, pp. 154] [Smoking Gun]


     On august 15, 2001, CIA Counterterrorism Head Cofer Black

    claimed,  we are going to be struck soon”!


            CIA secretly warned FAA about imminent, spectacular attack from

          Muslim Fundamentalists shortly before September 6, 2001, yet let its

          emergency planes and helicopters moved to Monterey California as well

          as failed to recall fighters sent from North Eastern military bases to

          Iceland and Saudi Arabia.


     Let us hear CIA Director George Tenet again,As a result of the

     intelligence community’s efforts, in concert with our foreign

     partners, by September 11, Afghanistan was covered in human and

     technical operations.” They also covered Saudi Arabia and Iceland with

     US fighters while leaving America and Americans unprotected despite all

     pre-knowledge of the imminent spectacular event specifically targeting

     WTC and Pentagon as well as possibly The White House!


5.  Senate And Congress Could Have Stopped It Going Public With CIA

Warnings About Imminent Attack, But They Didn’t.

     On the morning of 9/11, David Welna, National Public Radio’s

     Congressional correspondent, said, “I spoke with Congressman Ike

     Skelton—a Democrat from Missouri and a member of the Armed Services

     Committee”—who said, “just recently the Director of the CIA [George

     Tenet] warned that there could be an attack—an imminent attack—on

     the United States of this nature. So this was not entirely unexpected.”

    [NPR, 9/11/2001]


CBS News reported that Attorney General Ashcroft had stopped flying

commercial airlines due to a threat assessment, but “neither the FBI

nor the Justice Department… would identify [to CBS] what the threat

was, when it was detected or who made it.” [CBS News, 7/26/2001]


    This must have been an urgent issue for Congressional inquiry since

    pertinent Senate and Congressional Chairs (Members) were

    receiving CIA briefings of imminent Spectacular attacks inside

    USA. Again, its nothing but treason from within.


On July 5, 2001, the government’s top counter-terrorism official, Richard Clarke stated to a group gathered at the White House: “Something really     spectacular is going to happen here, and it’s going to happen soon.”

          The group included the FAA, the Coast Guard, the FBI, the Secret

          Service, and the INS. Clarke directed every counter-terrorist office to

          cancel vacations, defer non-vital travel, put off scheduled exercises and

          place domestic rapid response teams on much shorter alert.

          [Notes. Once again counter terrorism Czar didn’t want to counter

          upcoming “spectacular” disaster but prepared for rapid response

          contributing to the success of 9/11].


  1. FAA Could Have Stopped 9/11 by Warning Airliners And Pilots

with Pre-Knowledge and Ensuring Back Up Hijacking Coordinator

    to Guarantee Effective Functional Protocol! But They Didn’t!

            Flight 11 was hijacked around 8:20 a.m. Normally NORAD would have

          scrambled fighter jets within 10 minutes! But NORAD failed to get

          authorization from NMCC since new FAA hijack coordinator was out of

          contact since 8:30 a.m. creating an invincible wall between NORAD and



            Protocols in place on 9/11 stated that if the FAA requested the military

          to go after an airplane, “the escort service will be requested by the

          FAA hijack coordinator by direct contact with the National Military

          Command Center (NMCC).” [FAA, 11/3/98] Acting FAA Deputy

          Administrator Monty Belger stated essentially the same thing to the 9/11

          Commission, “The official protocol on that day was for the FAA

          headquarters, primarily through the hijack coordinator ... to request

          assistance from the NMCC          if there was a need for DOD assistance.”

          [9/11 Commission Report, 6/17/04 Sources: Monty Belger]

          However, the hijack coordinator, FAA Office of Civil Aviation Security

          Director Mike Canavan, was in Puerto Rico and claimed to have missed  

          out on “everything that transpired that day.” The 9/11 Commission

          failed to ask him if he had delegated that task to anyone else while he

          was gone. [9/11 Commission, 5/23/03;

          9/11 Commission   Final Report, 7/22/04, pp 17]

          (Note. This rigid presidential directive incapacitating vigilant NORAD

          was the main reason for the success of 9/11 New Pearl Harbour which

          then CIA director labelled instantly as attack by invisible finger prints

          of Bin Laden without waiting for physical evidence and logical

          analysis because framing and blaming Bin Laden was the goal!)


          It was no wonder that the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks

          Upon the United States, complained, “the FAA had been less than

            forthcoming in turning over documents” and destruction of 9/11 tape

          resulted in the loss of potential evidence that would allow the 9/11

          commission to compare controllers’ recollection of the events

          immediately after the attacks with the written statements prepared

          three weeks later”.


  1. NORAD Could Definitely Stop 9/11 Simply Following Standard

Hijacking Protocol Of Scrambling Fighter Jets Immediately To

    Intercept Hijacked Airliners! But The Protocol in Place on 9/11

    created a deliberate gap in the chain of commands since the new

    Hijacking Coordinator was silent in Puerto Rico without a backup!   


            NORAD was at the highest state of alert as Lieutenant Colonel Dawne

          Deskins and other day shift employees at NEADS started their workday.

          NORAD was conducting a weeklong, large-scale exercise called Vigilant

          Guardian. [Newhouse News Service, 1/25/02] Deskins was regional

          mission crew chief for the Vigilant Guardian exercise.

          [ABC News, 9/11/02] Vigilant Guardian was described as “an exercise

          that would pose an imaginary crisis to North American Air Defense

          outposts nationwide”; as a “simulated air war”; and as “an air defense

          exercise simulating an attack on the United States.”


  1. Us Military Definitely Could Stop 9/11, But Every Evidence Would

Suggest 9/11 Was A Sophisticated High-Tech Military Coup

    Coordinating Like-Minded High Level CIA, FBI, FAA, NSA,

    Pentagon, Bush Administration, Senate and Congressional

    Committee Chairs along with NATO and Israeli Intelligences



          They preponed yearly Dooms-Day Exercises jointly with NORAD from

          the week of October 22nd – 31st, 2001 to the week including September

          11, 2001. NORAD was conducting a weeklong, large-scale exercise called

          Vigilant Guardian described as “an exercise that would pose an

          imaginary crisis to North American Air Defense outposts nationwide”;

          as a “simulated air war”; and as “an air defense exercise simulating

          an attack on the United States.”

          [Newhouse News Service, 1/25/02] [ABC News, 9/11/02]


            At the Fort Belvoir, an army base 10 miles south of the Pentagon, Lt.

          Col. Mark R. Lindon was conducting a “garrison control exercise” at

          8:30 a.m. when the 9/11 attacks begun. The object of this exercise was

          to “test the security at the base in case of a terrorist attack.” Yet no

          fighters we scrambled from the base to save Pentagon!


            As the 9/11 attacks were taking place, a large military training exercise

          called Global Guardian, an annual exercise, was “in full swing”

          sponsored by US Strategic Command (Stratcom) in cooperation with

          US Space Command and NORAD.

          [Omaha World-Herald, 9/10/02; Omaha World-Herald, 2/27/02]

          Note: Yet military (NMCC) didn’t ask NORAD per modified hijacking

          protocol to scramble fighter jets intercepting hijacked airliners! 


            Admiral Richard Mies, Commander in Chief of US Strategic Command

          (Stratcom) at the Offutt Air Force Base (AFB) near Omaha, Nebraska,

          was directing Global Guardian military exercise “in full swing” when the

          9/11 attacks begun. [Omaha World-Herald, 9/10/02] Because of Global

          Guardian, bombers, missile crews, and         submarines around America

          were all being directed from Stratcom Center, a steel and concrete

          reinforced bunker below Offutt. [BBC, 9/1/02; Omaha World-Herald,

          2/27/02; Omaha World-Herald, 9/10/02; Bulletin of the Atomic

          Scientists, 11/12/97; Associated Press, 2/21/02 (B)] This bunker was

          staffed with top personnel who were at a heightened security mode

          because of the exercise.

          [Air Force Weather Observer, 7/02; Associated Press, 2/21/02 (B)]

          Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana, an important node in the US

          Stratcom, was aiding Global Guardian beginning at 8:30 a.m. on 9/11.

          Note. Ironically President Bush would be forced to visit both Air Force

          Bases before returning to Washington, DC, as Commander in Chief!


            During the hour or so that American Airlines Flight 77 was under the

          control of hijackers, up to the moment it struck the west side of the

          Pentagon, military officials in [the Pentagon’s NMCC] were urgently

          talking to law enforcement and air traffic control officials about what

          to do.” [New York Times, 9/15/01 ©] Yet, although the Pentagon’s

          NMCC reportedly knew of the hijacking, NORAD reportedly was not

          (authorized) notified until 9:24 a.m. by some accounts, and not notified

          at all by others. [9/11 Commission Report, 6/17/04; NORAD, 9/18/01]

            Note. NORAD didn’t need notification because they could see all

          Flights without transponders immediately on their screens for

          scrambling fighter jets. But under protocol in effect on 9/11 NORAD

          needed NMCC authorization after notifying FAA. But the FAA Hijack

          coordinator Mike Canavan was sent to Puerto Rico without a backup

          creating inactions! This was again nothing but treason contributing to

          success of 9/11. 


            Cold blooded murder of fellow military personnel by emergency

          military Administration in place during 9/11 saga: Let us re-visit then

          Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s amusing inactions before AA 77 hit

          Pentagon. He made these comments to Christopher Cox while watching

          CNN news about WTC crashes, “Believe me, it isn’t over yet. There’s

          going to be another attack, and it could be us”. With confidence like

          that the first thing would have been done evacuate Pentagon and

          military readiness to shoot down any passenger plane over restricted

          Pentagon and White House air spaces. Ironically, he insisted not to

          evacuate even after the programmed Bomb blasts and AA 77 crash.


          Both Flight AA 77 and UA 93 were hijacked over Ohio! They were cruising

          freely without transponders even after then CIA Director already

          labelled jetliners’ WTC crashing as “attack” which had “Bin Laden’s

          finger prints all over”! Yet neither AFB Wright/Patterson in

          Dayton, Ohio, reacted in time nor 180th Fighter Wing out of Swanton,

          Ohio, nor fighters from Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base out of

          Columbus, Ohio, contributing to implementation of spectacular 9/11

          deaths and destruction in broad day light per script.  


  1. World Trade Center Demolition?

On September 11th 2001, BBC World reported at 4:57pm Eastern Time

that the Salomon Brothers Building (more commonly known as WTC7 or

World Trade Building 7) had collapsed. This even made the 5pm EST

Headlines! But what was bizarre was that the building did not

actually collapse until 5:20pm EST suggesting strongly BBC was also part

of the New Pearl Harbour implementation script. [Smoking Gun]


WTC complex owner Larry Silverstein rushed immediately calling his

people over cell phone to pull it down, which he admitted on a

September 2002 PBS documentary, ‘America Rebuilds’ that he and the

NYFD decided to ‘pull’ WTC 7 on the day of the attack. The word ‘pull’

is industry jargon for taking a building down with explosives.


Official explanations for the dramatic free fall of Twin Towers and WTC7

had been very consistent, twin towers fell from the heat of the burning

fuel causing also the fall of WTC7 in a similar fashion.


But 2004 Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry directly

contradicted the official story about WTC7 when questioned by members

of ‘Austin 9/11 Truth Now’:  I do know that that wall, I remember, was

in danger and I think they made the decision based on the danger that it

had in destroying other things, that they did it in a controlled fashion.”


Pulling down WTC7 is another smoking gun because wiring a massive

47 storied building like WTC7 would require weeks of expert

preparations suggesting all three buildings were wired for controlled

demolitions synchronizing with the remotely hijacked GPS controlled

precisely programmed crash of Flight 11 and Flight 175 (Boeing 767).  


  1. How feasible were Remote Controlled Military Hijackings and GPS Programmed Precise Targeting voiding the need of physical hijackers?

Related Article: Remote Military Hijacking


Well, in a world where people look for all answers to media Mr. Bush

could suggest in a speech immediately after 9/11 “new technology, probably

far in the future, allowing air traffic controllers to land distressed planes by

remote control.” [New York Times, 9/28/2001]


          But during 9/11 saga, Mr. Cheney told Mr. Bush not to come to the       White House from Florida because hijackers knew the transponder code

     for the Air Force One! That is really another smoking gun suggesting    remote military hijacking because only military has knowledge and      access of the Air Force One transponder code needed for remote       controlling the plane in case of emergency!


The simple unnoticed and unexplained fact was that British-US military had been flying drones for intelligence gathering since World War II and technology has been advancing since then at a rapid speed throughout cold war which eventually led to the successful unmanned take-off and landing of Boeing 737 size military Global Hawk that flew remote controlled GPS programmed trans-Pacific flight from Edward Air force Base, USA, to Edinburgh, South Australia, on April 24, 2001, 5-months prior to 9/11.  


US Department of Defense (DOD) DARPA initiated projects to take control of the hijacked airliners collaborating with Defense Contractor Giants Honeywell, Boeing and later on Raytheon since early 70s,  successfully implementing the methodology by early 90s. Since then hundreds of auto landings have been tested beginning with Boeing 737 at the NASA’s Crows Landing Flight Facility in California and later integrating augmented GPS into Boeing 757 and 767 flight management systems. 


          Silence from helpless pilots during the entire hijacking drama suggests

          that the controls were taken from the ground piggybacking Primary      Channel and keying the cockpit microphone, disabling Transponders in the process in all hijacking occasions!



          All 9/11 flights were delayed for remote hijacking convenience! But

          they lost control of Flight UA 93 when pilot took back control of the

          plane! [http://www.kolki.com/peace/9-11-Flights-Delayed.htm]

          All Cell Phone calls and sounds depicting 9/11 hijackings were well

          rehearsed acting originated from the secret Remote Control Centers

          and their microphones following New Pearl Harbour script.


          09:36 a.m.: minute(s) before AA 77 hit pentagon (9:37 a.m.) remote

          hijackers got back control of flight ua 93

          09:45 a.m.: secret service ordered complete evacuation of the white

          house [Notes. UA 93 was reprogrammed to hit the White House now since they made

            AA 77 hit Pentagon at the precise point; UA 175 was also remotely hijacked (8:45 a.m.)

            minute(s) before AA 11 hit WTC North Tower (8:46 a.m)]

            09:56 a.m.: Cheney OBtained BuSH’s ORDER TO SHOOT DOWN UA 93 OVER

          NOISY TELEPHONIC COVERSATION [Notes. Remote Hijacking Was Losing Control]

            10:00 a.m.: Flight 93 Transponder Gave Brief Signal [Notes. Pilot Got

            Back Control]

            10:01 a.m.: Local Pilot Saw Flight 93 Rocking Back and Forth [Notes.

            Remote Hijacking Was Trying To Get Back Control from Pilot]

            10:03 a.m.: Flight 93 IS SHOT DOWN BY MILITARY JET OVER PENNSYLVANIA

            [Notes. Per Presidential and Vice-Presidential Order with Defense Secretary Donald

            Rumsfeld’s knowledge which he acknowledged during speech in Iraq on Dec. 24, 2004]


          WHY THEY (Military) SHOT DOWN FLIGHT UA 93?

            The most scholarly analysis would suggest that the remote hijackers

          chose           Airports and           Flights very wisely so that the actual crash times

          were within an early hour window 8:45 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. on a Monday

          morning before Government works effectively yet to inflict massive

          casualty dubbed spectacular by then US intelligence and counter

          terrorism czars! They also chose sets of two adjacent prominent-popular

          public structures separated by hundreds of miles to divert public focus

          and attention. Thus Flight 11 and Flight 175, both Boeing 767, were

          delayed approximately 14 minutes so that they could hit the

          programmed targets WTC around 8:45 a.m. and 9 a.m. (actual 8:46 a.m.

          and 9:02 a.m.). Flight 77 and Flight 93, both Boeing 757, were also

          delayed conveniently so that they could hit programmed targets

          Pentagon and White House around 9:30 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. The most

          wise speculation would be that Explosives were also timed in those

          building programmed around the intended crash timings.


          But the remote hijacking started losing control with UA 93 on and off

          Beginning at 9:10 a.m. which led to ATC early rumours of losing UA 93!

          False threats to pertinent ATC also led to evacuation of ATC leaving

          emergency Transponder codes on the ATC screens from desperate pilots

          unattended and unanswered. Since the planned

          bomb(s) went off in Pentagon around 9:32 a.m. and remote hijackers

          experienced trouble with UA 93 they needed new strategy to reprogram

          Flight 77 hit Pentagon as quickly as possible passing over White House

          and taking a miraculous 270 degree turn at 500+ mph without rocking. 

          Around 9:36 a.m., remote hijackers got back control of UA 93 over west

          of Cleveland, Ohio, and most likely reprogrammed for new destination as

          White House! “At 9.45 the Secret Service ordered the complete

          evacuation of the White House - United Flight 93 was still airborne

          and heading towards Washington. Agents ran from office to office

          screaming: "Get out! Get out now! This is real!" [William Langley,

          Telegraph, Dec 16, 2001]


          They had to shoot down UA 93 to conceal remote military hijacking

          because if escorted by Fighters to nearby Military Base or Airport it

          would have revealed that there were no physical hijackers.


Thus, 9/11 was nothing but a high-tech military coup in broad day light which forced Mr. Bush to fly to the military bases (Barksdale, Louisiana & Offutt, Omaha) to be baptised with the next procedures to help the coup blaming Bin Laden. That could also explain why newly upgraded most sophisticated Naval Command Center (NCC) had to be destroyed along with all key personnel guaranteeing NSA-Air Force dominance!


So, let us try to find some meaning why a Super Power President and Vice President sitting at the top of the technology and military deterrent suffered from indecisiveness which caused so many deaths and so much destruction….


The reason will be obvious from the statements of ex-FBI Translator Sibel Edmonds regarding MOSSAD agents within US Military and FBI. Edmonds wrote to the inspector general's office in March 2002 when a U.S. military officer and his wife another FBI translator tried to persuade her to work for Mossad - "Investigations are being compromised, Incorrect or misleading translations are being sent to agents in the field. Translations are being blocked and circumvented." [Washington post, 6/19/2002]



Let us again hear from the American God Father David Rockefeller justifying secretive Bilderberg private plan for one world:

"It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those (last 40) years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries."

  -- David Rockefeller, Speaking at the June, 1991 Bilderberger meeting in Baden, Germany (a meeting also attended by then-Governor Bill Clinton and by Dan Quayle


Thus FBI and many US top level law enforcement personnel are no longer working for the American Interests, rather they are compromising American well being and security for the benefit of a greater alliance of a few! 9/11 wasn’t an isolated incident. British and US troops were already exercising with massive number of armies along with unprecedented troops manoeuvring around the world since World War II and Nordic Cross was preparing for realizing prophesised world supremacy from Israel using Holy See.


Let us hear what FBI counterterrorism expert John O’Neill had to say about Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda! In July 2001 O’Neill said, “The main obstacles to investigate Islamic terrorism were US oil corporate interests and the role played by Saudi Arabia in it.” He added, “All the answers, everything needed to dismantle Osama bin Laden’s organization, could be found in Saudi Arabia.” O’Neill also believed the White House was obstructing his investigation of bin Laden because they were still keeping the idea of a pipeline deal with the Taliban open [Irish Times, 11/19/2001; Brisard and Dasquie, 2002, pp. xxix; CNN, 1/8/2002; CNN, 1/9/2002] He died during World Trade Center demolition on 9/11 while working as the new security chief under the new private owner Silverstein Properties and Westfield America which mysteriously acquired 99 year lease on WTC on July 24, 2001, eventually harvesting 4.55 billion US in profit from the insurers of WTC!




The above discussion relating facts and testimonies from the horses’ mouths regarding the September 11, 2001, destructive event, rather Neocons anticipated New Pearl Harbour, never could happen on US soil if normal procedures were simply followed by the President, the Vice-President, Congress, Senate, Military, CIA, FBI, NSA, FAA, and NORAD performing their duty to safeguard America and the Americans.


But on 9/11 normal US airline procedures were deliberately changed and/or violated while the Bush Administration, CIA, FBI, FAA, NSA, NORAD, and Military ensured nothing could help those flights until they hit programmed targets hijacked remotely during preponed nationwide US Military Exercises including Global Guardian and Practice Armageddon running war games from Pentagon and NRO, while watching their success status on big screen establishing FAA security line with White House before the first crash at 8.45am. Since Media and responsible politicians became part of the cover up afterwards, accepting justification of US/NATO Alliance Military Supremacy and/or fear of retribution from the subsequent Anthrax attack, general population had difficulty to even think of the possibility that US Military-CIA-FBI-FAA-NSA-NORAD-President and Vice President could hurt their own people and infrastructures! But the evidences logically suggest that they did and still doing using 900,000 secret federal employees violating all democratic rights of open Government since 1816.


The cover-up was possible mainly because of the very FBI, who failed the Americans to begin with blocking search of Zakarias Moussaoui’s laptop and belongings, letting suspected militants enter USA illegally and then guarding them from the local and national law enforcements, became in charge of all the crime scenes, rescue operations, investigations, evidence collections, United and American Airlines Emergency Centre operations as well as guardian of related Air Traffic Terminals confiscating all recorded materials and black boxes; while CIA ensured Mainstream Media remain mostly silent about trivial anomalies while bombarding citizens with massive disinformation and propaganda against the alleged dead hijackers with box cutters, Bin Laden, and Islam.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


In his farewell address in Iraq outgoing President George W. Bush said, Iraq War was hard, killing and displacing millions, but needed to protect U.S. and for peace! Well Mr. President, you didn’t protect U.S. on 9/11 letting military coup kill 3000 Americans in cold blood! That must have been even harder especially uttering incredible lies afterwards in order to protect the Alliance of the few. While you installed antiaircraft gun at the roof of the resort in Florida on the night of 9/10, no anti-aircraft gun was fired to save pentagon and NCC, no fighter planes were dispatched to go after the hijacked airplanes on 9/11 betraying victims who had absolute faith in their government and sense of security under you as their commander-in-chief.




Fellow Americans voted for change with hopes for a better world that respects accountability, rule of law, and proof of conviction. But that change will never materialize if 9/11 perpetrators remain unidentified and unpunished for their treasons allowing them to dictate and pollute the Obama administration mutating as the beholder of American Freedom and Justice. So it is time for North American Politicians, NORAD officials, true patriotic high level Military Authorities and prudent Journalists & Media personnel to come forward and tell the world what really happened on 9/11 in the name of maintaining US/NATO/Israeli military supremacy on Earth, Space, and Cyber Space! Anyone who remain silent and try to make others silent imagining its all good for the security of the NATO Alliance, long term Western Economy, and Holy See committing the greatest crime against humanity letting democratic mass murderers be the worst Frankenstein ruling our world with terror towards overall destruction prophesized as Armageddon. World must ensure that leaders speak truth under oath and minutes of all meetings and conferences including intelligence are public property to sustain open accountable peace loving participatory democracies around the world.


"One has to speak out and stand up for one's convictions. Inaction at a time of conflagration is inexcusable." – Mohandas Gandhi


“When wise act ignorant, or indifferent, world becomes a dangerous place.” Kolki


Let us also hear Democratic Senator Russell Dana Feingold of Wisconsin, the Chairman of the Constitution Subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee: I recognize this is a different world with different technologies, different issues, and different threats. Yet we must examine every item that is proposed in response to these events to be sure we are not rewarding these terrorists and weakening ourselves by giving up the cherished freedoms that they seek to destroy.”


Indian home minister resigned following the Mumbai shootings and massacre, but no one in Bush Administration, Pentagon, CIA, FBI, Counter Terrorism, FAA, NSA, and NORAD resigned or was held accountable for the success of 9/11 like massive spectacular predicted disastrous event.  Rather they were all promoted, rewarded, and military higher ups gave themselves extraordinary raises and bonuses – without addressing $2.3 trillion missing Pentagon Funds! 


Thus, naturally, encouraged by the success from previous failures the same military, national security, and new homeland security team indulged in failure after failure including Anthrax, DC snipers, Iraqi non-existent WMD, Hurricane Katrina disaster and Virginia Tech massacre – apart from illegal invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq!


Without 9/11 investigation and justice the perpetrators have been very active to make world chaotic! Wall Street Bailout or strengthening the Alliance economic base of secretive Bilderberg for eventual martial law and World War? US Economic problem is just the direct effect of irresponsible trillion dollar tax cuts, trillion dollar increase in military spending, and the outrageous cost of Iraq & Afghan Wars which mostly have been enriching private Defense Contractors & Evangelical Mercenaries making tax payers insolvent! Recovery must have been a post election well thought political decision; but the 9/11 perpetrators and their military Junta only making Government dysfunctional while preparing the crusaders for the martial law enacting another more spectacular Pearl Harbour to officially start Third World War to destroy democracy and our old world!  


Let us end this paper with a quote from Rear Admiral Chester Ward, a former member of the CFR for 16 years, who warned the American people of the organization’s intentions: 


"The most powerful clique in these elitist groups have one objective in common — they want to bring about the surrender of the sovereignty of the national independence of the United States. A second clique of international members in the CFR comprises the Wall Street international bankers and their key agents. Primarily, they want the world banking monopoly from whatever power ends up in the control of global government." 


What is troublesome for all world citizens that secretive private think tanks in America and Europe with deep-seeded loyalty to Monarchial Alliance had been dictating American Foreign Policy for the benefit of few at the cost of collateral damages like ‘New Pearl Harbour’, related wars  and pandemic virus!


Without 9/11 open public investigation more American God Father like personalities have been vouching for means of continuing ongoing threats to justify US military actions around the world:

"Moreover, as America becomes an increasingly multicultural society, it may find it more difficult to fashion a consensus on foreign policy issues, except in the circumstance of a truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat."

"The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and its Geostrategic Imperatives,"

by Zbigniew Brzezinski (1997), Ex-Member of CFR, Former Director of Trilateral Commission, National Security Advisor to President Carter and adviser to Presidents Reagan and Bush the First (nick named ‘Father of Al-Qaeda).


It would be utopia to live in one world respecting existing open geographical borders; appreciating evolved religions, culture and ancient practices; celebrating festivals breaking the mental barrier; embracing universal values and rights! But that world must be open, just, peace loving pluralistic participatory democratic world governed by “we the people, for the people and by the people”.


Thus the only option left to the fellow Americans, void of an honest open public investigation and trial for the treasons, is the American Orange Revolution implemented poetically as follows:


American Orange Revolution

(Dedicated to true American spirit of freedom, peace, and justice for allDepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)


My fellow Americans -

Must have learned form watching television

How quick orange revolution

Thrived around the parts of ancient civilization!


Okalahoma City Bombing and September 11 destruction

All related obstructions of justice sealing documentations

Detentions and abuses disregarding open honest investigations -

Made military, CIA, FBI, NSA, criminal organizations

Media objective against rule-of-law and proof-of-convictions

Politicians mute and naïve inactivating political organizations

Requiring immediate revival of American Orange Revolution!


It may seem unachievable -

But in fact could be very simple!

Without Politicians - who ignore truth as untouchables

Ideologically bonded to ‘The United Kingdom of Israel’

Fear being labelled as ‘soft on crime’ and ‘too liberal’

 Support troops violating international laws of War Crime Tribunals

Without Media - that avoid news as unmarketable

And finally without leaders who whisper Armageddon!


Implementing pre-emptive peaceful mass revolution

Guarding CIA, FBI, NSA, Pentagon, in Washington

Releasing all documents for open distribution

Taking over media like CNN for public television

Converting FED as open government institution

Ensuring media reflect population distribution

And singing in chorus the song for American freedom -

“Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: "In God is our trust."
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!”.


Finally, rejoicing with American Pride in friendliness!

Reassuring the world –

‘The Statue of Liberty’ was never meant for military threats!


It’s a fight for Truth & justice against Lies & injustice which is the law of causation! This is a decisive moment in history and all humans must strive to fight for truth with their Heavenly power inside so that they can live heavenly life on Earth with peaceful possessions and truthful vocations! God (Universal Loving Expression) bless America, our beloved world and all sentient being.J


Author: Deepak Sarkar, 844 Royal Oak Ave, Victoria, BC V8X3T2, Canada; Tel/Fax: 250-412-2897; E-mail: Deepak.Sarkar@ieee.org ; Poetry & Peace Web Site: www.kolki.com;




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[Please feel free to print and/or forward this one of the most important article of the century on which the fate of the whole world is hanging as citizens are bewildered by chaotic monarchist war on terror since 9/11 against true democratic peace loving way of life. Kolki]


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