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Without List Of 9/11 Detainees World Assumes Al-Qaeda As US/NATO/Israeli Virtual Military Wing

(Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)


German Network Television ZDF confirmed that both CIA along with German (BND) and Austrian intelligence supported the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), a terrorist organization with direct links to Al Qaeda. The Austrian paper "Kurier", placed the headline of "Al-Q'aida fanned the violence in Kosovo".


Imagine two weeks before G-8 summit in Great Britain British Intelligence allows a suspected Al-Qaeda to enter the country without surveillance and let the suspect leave just hours before London blasts!  They also lowered security threat just like USA did before 9/11.


In the summer of 2001, Virginia based U.S. private company Military Professional Resources Incorporated (MRPI) airlifted Al Qaeda sponsored fighters, US military advisers and leader "Samedin Xhezairi” known as commander Hoxha of KLA from Tetovo [Macedonia].


Three (3) weeks before 9/11, 80 members of the 3/502 battalion of U.S. paratroopers evacuated leader Hoxha again from Aracinovo [Macedonia], together with his Albanian extremists and 17 US instructors. Commander Hoxha was a fighter in Chechnya, trained in Afghanistan and acted as the commander of the Mujahideen 112th Brigade. Bin Laden rejected 9/11 responsibility on 9/12.  We all know since then Bin Laden only spoke in mysterious video illegibly!


Two (2) days after 9/11, when all US airlines were still grounded, a Learjet35 flight lands in Tampa International Airport to pick up three (3) Saudi young nationals. The Learjet took off along with a former FBI agent and police officer for Lexington, Kentucky! They boarded a Boeing 727 to London along with five other Saudis, two Sudanese, one Tunisian, one Philippine, one Egyptian and two British subjects.  Three of the Saudis Ahmad Al Hazmi (19), Fahad Al Zeid (20), and Talal M. Al Mejrad (18), listed residences on Normandy Trace Drive in Tampa, and held Florida drivers' license.


There are credible reports even circulating in UN that 9/11 detainees are being moved around by private US planes all over the world as well as being interrogated in ships in the Indian ocean, violating all war rules and treaties! World can speculate some of them are being used as convenient suicide bombers! In other words US/NATO now has an industry of suicide bombers which can be used and manipulated by MRPI!


As Spain, Great Britain, Pakistan, Egypt and US justice systems arrest, torture and try innocent persons around the world based on fabricated lies and out of context video testimony serving them with unjust sentences world remains confused about Al-Qaeda which seems to serve US/NATO military interests at their best! 


During 2004 presidential election campaign George Bush was joking in front of an elite Republican Party Fund Raising audienceWe are the base! It wasn’t a joke, rather subconscious admittance of truth from an otherwise mischievous politician. Al-Qaeda was a 3 billion dollar US military industry under US/NATO command later on used to create mass murders and violence in Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Chechnya, Kashmir and Macedonia for military and political gain!     


It is more than four (4) years since September 11, 2001, when mystic event like Biblical prophecy destroyed twin towers of World Trade Center, Part of Pentagon, in broad day light , evading the only remaining Super Power’s military might, CIA-FBI-Mossad’s hawkish vision and ignoring all threats reported by credible foreign intelligence! Ironically still this date US and the world citizens have no idea who are the detainees and why they are detained, interrogated as well as tortured! 


Poem: Guantanamo Bay


If world and UN could investigate independently both New York and London disasters they would see Al-Qaeda as a US/NATO funded virtual military wing to achieve strategic Judeo-Christian military interests while demonizing Islam as scapegoat!


Ironically they do it with the help of Islamic country like Pakistan and their military intelligence (ISI) which trains US/NATO recruits of Islamic young talents disguising as Jihad!


Jihad is a struggle to be a better person just like Born again Christian! No war is holy in Islam like Biblical Holy War! God always blesses our loving and living planet! But its time to find the very cause of destruction and sufferings on his blessed world! 


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