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(Dedicated to Labour Day with a hope for worldwide Humanhood Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com )

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[Wish fellow North Americans, citizens of Australia and New Zealand can join worldwide freedom celebrating May Day as the united Labour Day. Kolki]


Life is worth

When my waste collectors

Shake hands, hug, as friend

Mail deliverers wave hands

As passing by even without mail

Cashiers at the grocery line smile

Happy to see once again for a little while!


Life is worth

When neighbours knock on door to say Hi

Vehicles stop for pedestrians without a sigh

Politicians are thoughtful, truthful, and kind

Universal care resonating in all human minds!


Life is worth

When sun comes out in the morning

Bright in smog free blue sky

Trees abound around welcoming standing high

Birds are flying free in flocks or busy nesting

Animals grazing playing mating without worries!


Life is worth

When able bodied people are working happily

Without losing benefit and security

Contracts getting renewed proactively

People in need collecting welfare proudly!


Life is worth

When world leaders are communicating

No country is under attack or attacking

No soldier away from home except peace-keeping

Enjoying dinner knowing no one goes to bed hungry

Sleeping at night assuring no homeless suffering

Dreaming sweet dreams finally God is smiling!


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