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So What?

(Dedicated to thoughtful plain living attuned with Mother Earth – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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So what?

No one treated you like celebrity

Recognised as politician

Scientist or physician

Justice or Lawyer

Corporate Leader or Chief Executive Officer

World renowned game player

Millionaire, billionaire, or stock broker -

Oscar winner, famous composer or photographer?



If you had a cozy bed with good neighbour

Enjoyed home made food served at dinner

Thoughtful spouse as companion throughout the year

Children and pets playing in the yard

Bathed in sunshine, embraced moonlit romance

Played lively games for innocent fun

Stared at the blue sky tracking flying kites

Gazed stars at night clear and bright

Walked along beach watching wave’s flight! 


You had wonderful life without much fight!

Without scars of complications or reasons to hide!


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