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(Dedicated to an egalitarian world that is inherited promise land for all – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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Honourable world citizens and leaders -

If shadow super power can rule the world with fear

Destroy Iraq and Afghanistan for virtual ‘war on terror’

Bypassing Rule-of-Law ignoring lawyers and voters

Knowing well UN is all about alliance in nature -

An instrument for Allied military to unite as Axis power

And Evangelists have always evangelized dominance with terror -

You can certainly be better -

Supporting peace being truthful against war

Following Rule of Law respecting global efforts

Exposing criminals of wars per guidelines and standards

Being visionary messengers of the future

Without succumbing to covert divisive pressure

Ignoring their hollow promises of illusive nature -

Recognizing that the dream of the United Kingdom of Israel

Historically, always spells disasters for most World Citizens

Be it from Alexander the Conqueror, Caesar, Pope, or Hitler –

                     Or modern Eugenic alliance of NATO Constitutional Monarchs

Against the true participatory democratic free world!


[Imagine if Doctors prescribed medicine pre-emptively without diagnosis; Without an open public investigation of 9-11-2001 Domestic US disaster US-British World War military alliance attacked and destroyed ancient IRAQ, Afghanistan and Libya committing 21st Century War Crimes in front of High-Tech Media and seemingly civilized audience bypassing rule-of law and proof of conviction – Kolki]


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