Peace Is A Threat To US and Britain’s Military And Oil Based Economy! (Deepak Sarkar,, November 21, 2002)


[From the Author of “Poems by Kolki – Absolutely Humane”, a recipe for better world]


US and NATO member like Great Britain need a live testing ground in some parts of the world every few years!  New weapons need to be tested.  Old weapons need to be used to replenish stocks with new private defense contracts creating new jobs.  That is why they will create/ keep the term ‘devil’/’evil’/’terror’ in this world and would create some pretext to use their military might disguising as the authority of democracy and freedom around the world.  They will bomb and destroy world civilization following their path of past wraths including Vietnam, Korea, IRAQ, Yugoslavia, Somalia, Panama, Folk Land Island and Afghanistan – killing millions as well as destroying our already fragile environment.  


The world would be democratic and peaceful without US and British military might who need wars or conflicts to divert their internal problems of poverty, homelessness, crimes and inadequate health care, while deifying Constitutional Monarchs.  Their co-lateral damages cause severe human and environmental destruction around the world.  They hurt and eradicate innocent-helpless people and their culture with unparalleled media censorship in the name of National Security.


Ironically, US and British citizens are not part of their national security.  They are one of the most overworked people on earth with endless responsibilities and little or no vacation.  Good US and British Politicians lose their battle for humanity and social justice to constant self-proclaimed conservative military propaganda labeling peace-loving politicians as ‘Soft On Crimes and/or National Security’. 


The best national security the politicians can guarantee for their country is by converting apparent enemies to friends, through communication and understanding.  Faith and friendship is the best security for the world citizens.  From Jesus to Gandhi, imperialists always labeled reformer/freedom fighter as terrorists.  Let us stop that process in the light of 21st century making the world united sharing technology, communication and culture, thereby breaking the barriers, mistrusts and ignorance!    


Its time that a Superpower stops bullying and disrupting young democracies around the world strengthening Monarchist Alliance in the process.  Its time that democracies prevail throughout the world ending all Constitutional Monarchies including UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Japan, and Sweden. Its time that US and some NATO members stop killing democratically elected Presidents or Prime Ministers replacing them with military dictatorship.  Its time that US and some NATO members stop testing their new military technology and equipment attacking and destroying sovereign countries in some pretext, making UN an invalid mere spectator of real War Crimes!  US and NATO hold the key to world peace!  Unfortunately, peace is an apparent threat to their Military and Oil based economy!  God bless our beloved living planet protecting her from all EVIL military powers!


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When religions coexist, leaders communicate, media respect neutrality, laws

not blinded by immunity, and citizens' needs take precedence over profitability - peace becomes reality, world lives in harmony appreciating Human Rights - Kolki