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Super Power

(Dedicated to an egalitarian world – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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Humans always strive to reach beyond limit!

Using physical strength, intent to compete

Immense power hidden in the brain

Channelling through mind, body, voice and pen!


Every one has own idea about life

About God, rituals, spirits, ethics, and rights!

That’s how communities evolve with new goals insight

Cities, villages, prosper sharing ideas for better life

Civilizations emerge with achievements and pride!


Some strive for economic power

Some for universal social welfare

Some want to lead as religious leaders

A few work hard to win ideological war -

Converting country to military super power

Uniting imperialists as allied power

Using religion as political cover -

Only for supremacy as Super Power!


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Too much power & money in few like minded group of private hands led to 9/11, related chaos and injustice, insecurity everywhere, failure of the banking & justice systems, almost no accountability, and biased polling by their media to support all that making citizens fight and gossip against each other worldwide. It is time to take back governments from private agencies and outsourcing to live freely as we the people, by the people and for the people – enjoying true bliss of Participatory Democracy void of Constitutional Monarchy. Kolki


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