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(Dedicated to an egalitarian world – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com )

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I am homeless!

I live on the city streets

And eat at the mercy of the passer's by –

Often abused by gangsters and law enforcements

As panhandling nuisance!


I am homeless!

I have seen 60s, 70s, 80s,

Life is even tougher in 90s!

I see more of my colleagues and friends on streets -

As technology advances at its best,

Promises to make us free!


I am homeless!

I was in Vietnam War; I was in Korean War,

I was in desert storm; Invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq

Now disabled and out of work collecting welfare!


I am homeless!

I am a single mom, I am a single dad

I work at minimum wage and work between jobs

But defeated against all odds!


My tax from minimum wage

Feeds a trillion dollar defence budget

Pays Billions for National Security and debt

Leaving me homeless, hopeless, and sad -

In a rich heartless developed world!  


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In a world full of grains, fruits, milk and honey - One hungry stomach is too many’! Kolki


In a land filled with corporate space, estates and money - One homeless without a place is too many’! Kolki