How Obama Administration Betrayed American and World Citizens Without A Public Investigation of the Military Coup by the Enemy Within?

[From the Author of “Poems by Kolki – Absolutely Humane”, “Real Path To 9/11” & “Sayings of Kolki”]



(Dedicated to true united democracy that leads to united growth of Humankind – Deepak Sarkar, )


[How much more shall we divide us embracing labels of Conservatives, Liberals, Gays, Lesbians …?  Most human actions are spontaneous reactions in an effort to adjust with surroundings beyond control. Labeling only enforces status quo hindering natural evolution. Kolki]      


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In a world so ideologically divisive -

Where politicians join opposition party following Victory -

Driving a nail through the heart of Multi-Party democracy!

Media label people as Gay, Lesbian, Heterosexual or homophobic –

Rightist, Leftist, Socialist, Communist or Fundamentalist -

Encourage campaign side track issues with endless rhetoric!

A few who value family and goodness in humanity -

Often get characterized as conservative!

Making election a mockery of choosing candidates so illusive!


I adore relationship and freedom of joyous union –

But against commercial pornography, prostitution, and abortion!

My dream is to share universal affection -

Ending all known barrier of discrimination!


I label the killing machines in all forms -

As the true and only evil to loving earthly norms!

I believe in things ‘We the people’ can do better -

Guarantying, for all, good health, education, and shelter!


I recognize animals and birds were here -

Before human invaded Earth with alien power!

I envision Dinosaurs never ruled the Earth -

Just coexisted in their natural habitat!


I experienced hunger being angry -

Why never want to see anybody hungry!

I survived bitter cold nights in winter campsite -

Why always cry seeing homeless by the road side!


I don’t vote for a party that fights–

To deprive others of their basic rights!

I avoid culture that feels pride –

Getting morally degraded, mean, and wild!


I am against all wars -

Unless we are attacked by invaders!

I believe a true patriot -

Can never send another beyond border!


You may call me conservative or altruist!

Even label me as liberal, socialist or extremist!

Knowing well my thoughts, prayers, efforts, and campaign -

Only meant to recover goodness in being humane!


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[Natural Conservatives are for Conservation of everything including life and definitely against Guns and Wars. Political Conservatives are historically Royals against ‘Democracy by the People’ beginning with King Philip II, Father of ‘Alexander the Conqueror’ who devastated most parts of Asia beginning 342 B.C. They are for Private Monopoly against People’s Monopoly; they are for Big Military Government (at the cost of general sufferings) and Prison Industry that supports the military to wage wars against the will of the people supported by their Private Monopoly who gain more Monopoly from wars related destruction, occupation, domination and reconstruction. They are against Gun Control for profitable Crime Industry and Private Mercenary which can be conveniently used to quiet down protests against their Private Monopoly and Hegemonic Military.   

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Still wonder why Progressive Conservative/Passionate Conservative/Neo-Conservative Government is normally against everything good for overall Citizens including low tuition, guaranteed good jobs, good environment, healthcare and peaceful community without the threat of gun ownership? Kolki]


[Greek participatory democracy was destroyed by the invading Dorians letting the stage for the rise of royalty, novelty, nobility and aristocracy leading to Monarchy under Philip, the father of Alexander the Conqueror. The nobility in Macedonia had been a source of division, and Philip mitigated this by making nobles of men who supported him. He married Olympias, the daughter of king Neoptolemus of Epirus, which along with his successes in wars gave Philip more land with which to support horses, more men for his armies and more revenues.  He had more land to give to nobles as rewards for their loyalty, and the nobles, impressed by Philip's military successes, were now firmer in their recognition of his authority.


Roman participatory democracy was destroyed by Julius Caesar converting the Senate into coliseum where people watched fights among humans and animals, often silencing opposition in front of cheering crowds, as Caesar virtually ruled as a King!



Ever wondered who financed the war of Alexander and Caesar? Who financed the medieval crusades? Who financed first and second world wars?

After the death of Alexander the Conqueror, one of his generals, Lysimachus, chose Pergamum as the depository for his wealth. He placed nine thousand talents of gold in Pergamum under the guardianship of Philetaerus who was his lieutenant. After the death of Lysimachus, Philetaerus took advantage of this wealth and founded the independent dynasty of Attalid Kings which later became the centre of Hellenistic civilization


“Caesar also learnt in Spain that war could be politically and financially very profitable”.

“It was an independent expedition of wealthy citizen from Pergamum and the government of Judaea which helped Caesar win the 'Alexandrian War”.


In 1209, John had been excommunicated in a dispute over the appointment of the Archbishop of Canterbury. He had used this as an excuse to confiscate church property and sell it back to his bishops at a profit. Part of the money raised by these exactions was used to create a fledgling English Navy. John had used this to invade Ireland in 1210, and on 30 May 1213, the Earl of Salisbury destroyed a French armada poised to invade the British Isles at Damme.


Magna Carta, June 15, 1215, drove a stake through British Revolution and created the methodology for guaranteed Monarchy as constitutional Monarchs creating opposition parties among the masses diving people forever where elites compete for power displaying who is more loyal to Royals! Multi-Party politics with non-elected law & decision makers nominated as Lords or Senators or Lower House Members or MPs in essence became the cornerstone against true participatory democracy as the aristocrative Monarchs rule from behind using military and covert secrecy (intelligence) well guarded in the name of National Security!


Green Party         International Republican Party


It is time for true Issue Driven Participatory Democracy void of political parties and any form of Monarchy.

Easy Methodology To End Constitutional Monarchies Peacefully in the West To Save And Maintain Democracies Around The World!


In fact, most local mayoral elections are without party affiliations where competing candidates debate over the issues for the overall betterment of the county/city! Why can’t we extend that to State/Province/National level to end the political games of Roman Coliseum putting the Ginny Magna Carta back in the bottle saluting people’s revolutionary victoryJ It’s time England again takes the lead to abolish constitutional monarchy followed by Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Japan, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Kolki ]  

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