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Why Countries With Majority Jesus Loving Democratic People Need Guns Without Control? (Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com )


[Gun registry is worth even if it saves one life! Kolki]


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World Citizens must review why some people are so vehemently against Gun Control, posing as Political Conservatives, endangering civilized lives of the very citizens including law-keepers?


Whoever believes in Jesus and his true messages knows the very basic of Christianity – “Thou Shall Not Kill”, “Love Thy Neighbour”, Love Thy Enemy”. But ironically many politicians in Western Jesus loving societies vouch for the availability of Guns without a National Registration System or Universal Control. More ironically many of them are also politicians who are “Pro-life -> love for a foetus” in one side and “Pro-War -> hate for human life” on the other side. Gun registry is worth even if it saves one life!


For those who are not familiar with Buddhism and Buddha’s message must also know the philosophy of the part of the world which more or less believes in “Killings Are The Beginning of All Human Sufferings”. We all know that the only use of a gun is to kill or hurt a fellow being.


For those who are not aware of the true Koran (Quran) and Mohammed’s (Peace be upon him) messages, beyond most Western media disinformation, must know the basic beliefs “Jesus as the True Prophet in Islam” of that part of the world. As an addendum most verses in Koran (Quran) start with “Peace” glorifying “Mercy. So whoever tries to mislead people using Media linking violence and Islam must have an agenda of their own.


Now let us focus on gun owning and violence. Even if we start to analyse from the time after World War II we would notice a very familiar pattern how unregistered guns have been used in countries around the world. Most often they are used to gun down political opponents and media personnel, who believe in Truth and Universal well being like Jesus did, by the private militia of the tyrants. This is true even in supposedly democratic countries including Sweden, “A Symbol of Peace” and not to mention USA – time and again.


The mysterious killings of the four RCMP officers in Alberta, Canada, Virginia Tech massacres and Newtown School Shooting in Connecticut are very good examples of the use of Unregistered Guns. Also, without proper gun control and verifications methodology Police becomes helpless in investigating terrorizing drive by shootings and non-trivial massacres using weapons which can’t be traced.


It would be a logical conclusion that with proper Gun Controls most US/British Military Style Private Mercenaries with supremacist ideology (i.e., Blackwater Worldwide, NRA) cannot be run and used as Special Forces to perform covert operations inside and outside the country. The point is if we are really serious about peace in a society and the world we must not give the power back to those people who could hammer big rusty nails through the hands and veins of the most loving noble human being known to mankind, “Jesus Christ”.   The evolution of Al-Qaeda, its virtual existence and secretive use to justify aggressive Crusadic/Evangelic US/NATO foreign policy using military and private mercenaries, is a perfect example of why a civilized society must not only control guns but also try to eradicate the very source of this evil tool against humane consciousness.   


I know like many I also run the risk of being gun down leaving a suicide note beside by dead body! But as a peace loving caring human being I felt it is my duty to write for peace exposing truth leading to trivial “cause and effect” filtering rumours and gossips. Hope God (The Universal Loving Expression) helps all humans on Earth to be tuned with the loving message of co-existence eradicating the concept and desire for World Supremacy at the cost of fellow beings.


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"Only tyrants can take a nation to war without the consent of the people. The planned war against Iraq without a Declaration of War is illegal. It is unwise because of many unforeseen consequences that are likely to result. It is immoral and unjust, because it has nothing to do with US security and because Iraq has not initiated aggression against us." —Congressman Ron Paul


Food for Thought:


{Aren’t suicide killings clever Loyalist ploys to eradicate/silence true patriots/truth loving citizens including law enforcement using mercenaries and covert state machineries while demonizing the dead patsies  who cannot fend for themselves and terrorizing communities, nations and the world? It is to be noted that none of the alleged dead gunman in Virginia Tech killings, Alberta RCMP killings and Connecticut Elementary school killings had any previous criminal record, rather friends/family remember them as thoughtful human souls!}


{Didn’t 2nd Amendment of ‘right to bear arms’ mainly empowered the Loyalists, Mafia and Private Mercenaries corrupting law-makers and law-keepers against sovereignty and democracy?}


{Isn’t Gun Ownership in a civilized society threat to community always worrying about the whims and carelessness of the owner leading to homicides (irrecoverable damages to citizen(s)?}


{Hunting is a Royal Event for practicing hurting/killing innocent helpless being (animals) in the forest to use the skill against the citizens whenever convenient; how many of you really go for hunting with a Gun? What to hunt anyway since forests and wild animals are disappearing faster than polar ice?}


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