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What is Consciousness?

(Dedicated to Universal Consciousness – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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A foetus has full consciousness for the final expression

Same is true for an egg whether from Humans, birds or animals

Fishes, Frogs, mosquitoes, tortoise or snake …

A seed has the full consciousness stored in it

Be the plant as programmed by natural genetics …

A shrub root has the full consciousness

How to spread without foetus or egg extending branches!


Mushrooms have the full consciousness to multiply networking underground

So are many native plants ….

Consciousness let an electron spins around nucleus

Holding neutrons and protons together

Photons move resulting in the speed of light

Neutrinos traverses every being unnoticed, as if untouched

As humans learn reading motivational books and scriptures

Ignoring happenings and feelings in and around nature!


Every cell has its own consciousness ….

Including proteins, bacteria and viruses

Acts as needed for functional purposes!


Scientists cannot create consciousness

Only modify it to suite applications for advantage

Often destructing disturbing universal consciousness

As most human brains stay idle with unutilised consciousness!


Karmic goal of each sentient being is to be fruitful and fulfilled

Attaining State of Brahman that propagates among all sentient being

Maintaining the universal bliss-link omnipresent 

Where amalgamation** of all the individual state

Represent ‘The Ultimate Consciousness’ ––

Making total Cosmic Consciousness inseparable from individual consciousness!


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