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(Dedicated to a conscious world – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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We all get bewildered by natural wonders!

As Earth rotates on own axis making days and nights

Moves around the Sun giving us seasons and years!

Moon surrounding Earth in phases without string attached

Thereby varying tides, nights, and festive cultures!

Grass appears everywhere as staple for natural grazers

Lakes, mountains, water falls, rivers, make us born thinkers

Distant stars and planets make us philosophers

Species evolve in enormous variety from same soil and air

Himalaya, Machu Picchu, Grand Canyon, Yosemite –

Make us nature wonderers!


Many humane monuments are causes for cheers!

Ancient Tower of Babel, Pyramids, and Great Walls

Remains of Harappan and Mayans, caves of Ajanta and Dunhuang

Breathtaking Dams, High-rises, Bridges, and Eiffel Tower

Tajmahal, palaces, metropolis and amusement parks!


But none can parallel many civilized wonders!

When humans are the only animal who fight wars

Assigning greatness to Alexander the conqueror

Let Hellenized science dictate ‘Earth as Flat’, ‘Centre of Universe’

Help implement holocaust after holocaust

Supporting abusive military, intelligence, and violators

Numbing scholars, politicians, analysts, reporters, and voters

Persuade Jesus loving Christians brew crusaders

Allow inventors of internet viruses sell firewalls

Invite mafia style private lords to rule world as Bilderberg

Hijacking democracies by United Constitutional Monarchs

Using International Court and United Nations as apparatus -

For a racist ‘New World Order’ run from the underworld

With firm control of Military, Royals, Mercenaries, and Bankers!


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