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(Dedicated to all day to day Miracles that make life on Earth worthwhile – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com )

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[Imagine if Pope’s Miracle could really resurrect any of the million dead in Iraq and Afghanistan due to US/NATO war-crimes, or return family life of millions displaced from the comfort of their cozy home for establishing Evangelic New World, making him a real Saint! Kolki]


A Pope must show a miracle for beatification!

To be resurrected in Sainthood, above Venerable!

When His Holiness marvels two or more -

Convincing Nuns, Priests, Doctors, and Board -

Vatican raises Him to Saint – ‘Canonization’

Singing all glory to Priestly Miracles!


Biblical prophecies even go furthermore -

With standards for Messiah at home and abroad!

Precisely prescribed as witnessed by millions -

A magical touch must give blinds instant vision

Cure lame, dumb, leper; bring dead back to mission!

Produce food out of a fish, piece of bread left over -

Feed millions of followers and hungry believers!


Genesis tells them all in scriptures

All mighty God’s miraculous wonders!

Creating Heaven and Earth in seven worldly days -

Resting on eighth day, making it Sabbath Day

Spreading breads form the sky to feed a New Race

Killing babies in houses not marked with bloody red

Using Biological Weapons to create plagues

Guarding Chosen from Native Human Race!


Why search miracles in prophecies and religions?

Ignoring millions happening around

As the day starts and ends in darkness -

Watching our sun reappears, moon rises

Eternally never breaking promises

Spinning and moving in speeds at distances -

Without visible links but still connected!


Ocean rises, rivers get flooded

Flowers bloom, grain ripens

Seeds germinate, plant flourishes

Animals evolve in Godly manifest!


Birds make trips to distant pilgrimages

Doctors cure deadly diseases

Firemen rescue souls from ashes

Politicians pass bills for the masses

Scientists bring miracles to houses

Artists document them as music and verses!


Prophets see them all without glasses!

Convey to people God’s miraculous messages

Spreading through everything as loving touches

May not be in books, scriptures or in holly scratches!


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If a Pope can attain Sainthood being deified for two undocumented intangible miracles or expanding Christendom for evangelic colonization then most medical doctors, responsible socialist leaders and humanist activists around the world should enjoy the same privilege for saving hundreds of lives during lifetime with tangible medical miracles or visionary social welfare or peace mission! Kolki

One day, Jesus (Yahshua) sat amidst people who listened to his words with amazement. He said:

 "Seek not the Law in your scriptures, for the Law is life, whereas the scripture is dead. The Law is the living word of the living God to living prophets for living men. In everything that is life, is the Law written. You find it in the grass, in the trees, in the river, in the mountain, in the birds of heaven, in the fishes of the sea, but seek it chiefly in yourselves. God did not write the Law in books, but in your heart and in your spirit. "


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