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Illegal Immigrants, (Illegal Aliens?)

(Dedicated to one world where people serve strangers with ‘old world’ hospitality

Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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[In modern divided world, every country must have immigration rules to prevent chaos and ensure security! But it is time to ask some politicians, analysts, and media anchors spreading hate crimes, where are they originally from? Aren’t the new Eugenic immigration rules in the West including Switzerland and ‘Tough on Crime’ slogans historically lead to Pogrom, related Wars and Holocausts?  Let us remind few Eugenic Politicians and their Leaders that they are nothing but a product of Illegal Immigrants to the land once owned and preserved by the evolved Natives! Kolki]


If India guarded its ancient border against illegal Aryans -

Natives would still be Shaivites evolving Neanderthals!

If civilized Greece and Persia were not victims of barbaric Dorians

Feudalism, Aristocracy, Monarchy and Vatican

Could never surpass the natural democratic world!

If China treated strangers fearing illegal immigrants -

Marko Polo couldn’t tell West existence of that wonderland!

If Scythians couldn’t ruin ancient India and Hurians Babylon -

Mesopotamia to India still probably be Indo-Iranian!

If Mark Twain had to worry about his legal status -

World would be without his fascinating Travelogues!


If we really try to reopen the can of worms – 

Natives may find most of us as illegal arrivals!


With barbed wires and armed forces vigilant –

Pilgrims could never reach American mainland

Slavery couldn’t destroy Africa and Africans

Mexican would be still proud as Mayans -

As Texan, New Mexican, Floridian, Arizonian and Californian!

Aryans never ruled India as Vedic custodian

Hittites couldn’t destroy Mitannis, Hyksos Egyptians

Britain would be still a laid back Celtic land

France still be Gaulish without Franks

Vikings couldn’t colonize Pictland as Scotland!

Australia, Canada, New Zealand would still be land of aboriginals

America would be still pristine under Native Americans

Israelites couldn’t massacre in peaceful Canaan

India would be void of wrath of Brahminic Scythians

"Philistine" would mean "native of Palestine"!

Rome would be ruled by Romans void of Vatican

Potato famine couldn’t destroy Irish farmlands

Ireland would be a land of united communal culture

White Huns never destroyed Persia marring silk route with fear!


List can go on but the point is obvious!

If we coexist without fighting who came first -

World would be living in peace as one happy world

Enjoying varieties without worries ignoring prophetic religion -

There will always be enough for everyone!


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[There is no Heaven in the sky! Earth was Heaven when colonialists and their evangelists didn’t convert parts of it as Hell while motivating the slaves work harder to reach a fictitious better place “Heaven = Haven”! End of Monarchy and related colonialisms can re-establish lost Heaven on Earth, a place without borders, class, divisions, and supremacist orders! Kolki]


As World Health Organization (WHO) Focuses its Agenda of Population Control advising massive birth control imposing sterilization and circumcision in India, South America and African Nations – world must recognize, before King James of Scotland and Britain and his campaign beginning 1702, Europeans were absent from America, Australia, South America and Africa! Food for thought towards world peace in Harmony – Kolki