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(Written: Sept. 07, 2005, Home Depot, Langford)

(Dedicated to an healthy conscious world co-existing peacefully – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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My fully feathered female lovebird Krishna

Went out of home with male partner Dhruva

Cutting window net with their beak in the rear

As I was mowing lawn in the height of the summer!


Soon it became dusk; night came even faster!

Disappointed without knowing their whereabouts

I went around neighbor’s lawn and yards

Calling their names and hoping they are safe under cover!


Morning came ending my nightmare!

I started searching in nearby woods and graveyard!

An elderly woman stopped by curious of my search effort

Told me, ‘Son be careful, predators are everywhere’!


When her niece’s cat was missing in the middle of the night

She searched the neighborhood with torchlight

Only to find her dearest loving pussy cat

Hanging from the mouth of a cougar, bigger cat!


I asked her, what’s for dinner?

She replied, ‘Steak and ribs, cabbage sweet and sour’!

I asked again what is for your dog?

She replied, ‘Tender chicken legs and pork chops’.

I asked, finally, what her niece’s cat had for dinner?

She answered with worrisome smile, ‘Chunky beef and tuna’!


I reminded her as we bade good bye –

Must be careful of some predators in disguise

Feasting on million pounds of Afghan-Iraqi flesh!

She wondered, “Aren’t they killing insurgents?”!



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