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(Dedicated to all who suffer for military Supremacy – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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A small pet bird is dying -

Owner parent holding in arm crying

Giving her comfort and care of family

Making her last moments felt much loving!


A pet cat or dog is dying -

Owner parent praying and rushing

Hoping vet can cure with magic

Feeling helpless on the way to clinic!


A baby is dying -

Parents called ambulance with utmost urgency

Sobbing on the way to hospital constantly praying

Begging God’s mercy in exchange for everything!


A deer is dying -

Hunter’s bow went through her neck injuring

The noble achiever joyous celebrating

Worrying more for expensive bow before bagging!


An invading army is advancing -

Killing and destroying everything

Making hospital beds overflowing

Helpless doctors watching patients suffering

Until Missiles hit hospital burying all pains abruptly!


World citizens are sleeping or working happily -

Superpower military is planning next attack covertly

Listening posts are updating base instantly

Which house, city, country can be grounded remotely!


[Imagine US/NATO/Israeli/European Union Reactions if any other country bombed UN Head Quarter, UN Envoy, UN School, and Red Cross Shelter like US and Israeli military and their irresponsible inhumane Leaders since 9/11 US military Coup for symbolic British Re-Annexation of USA militarily! Kolki]


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