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(Dedicated to Naturally Conscious Humane World – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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World used to be their home in freedom

Before human claimed and partitioned land!

The mountains, valleys, meadows, woods -

The pot holes, ponds, lakes and bogs,

Were all accessible for food and fun!


Before they realize the human face

Their freedom of movements got curtailed

Grazing lands became partitioned, divided -

Guarded with cruel obstructing fence!


They are the deer a symbol of peace

Try fruitlessly to hide and graze at risk

Whatever grassy yards still left unfenced!


Some adores them, others hate them as pests!

Many want to kill to save dear garden

Others want to hunt for a rare gourmet!


It’s autumn, leaves are falling everywhere

Views around are getting brighter and better

My yard is unfenced, blended with nature

Where my lovebirds feel free, so are the deer

As they rest with babies without fear

Grazing and grinding merrily

Feeling at home and making my home homey!


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