Who US-Administration Wire Tapping Illegally With Secrecy? Politicians, Journalists, Patriots and 9-11 Truth Seekers? (Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)


[CIA-Central Intelligence Agency, FBI-Federal Bureau of Investigation, Mossad – Israeli Intelligence Agency, MI6- UK Intelligence Agencies]

Article: New Pearl Harbour (9/11 False Flag Operation Motives and Means)


Breaking a tradition of openness that began in 1816, the Bush-Cheney administration has without explanation withheld the names and work locations of about 900,000 of its civilian workers, according to a lawsuit filed by attorney Adina Rosenbaum of Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC), a research group at Syracuse University, New York.


Most of these employees are suspected of being hired by CACI International & Titan Corporation (both having close tie with Israel), Booz Allen,   Lockheed Martin  and trained by CIA & FBI to perform covert terrorist acts throughout the world using remote control GPS technology and military grade explosives used by Pentagon as well as seized in IRAQ during invasion. Others are suspected to be used for Nation wide wire tapping and eavesdropping on politicians, journalists and 9-11 truth seekers, as well as working as interrogators of the detainees in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay! A few of them are spreading terror rumors, developing and maintaining Islamic Militant web sites, producing suicide bombing videos and animated Islamic Leader speech using latest Silicon Graphics and speech technology, coordinating with Colombia Tri-Star pictures and Time Warner for movie and video distribution services! This invisible outsourcing of top security government jobs spending public money is the most dangerous threat to world democracy and rule of law!


During 2004 presidential election campaign George Bush was joking in front of an elite Republican Party Fund Raising audienceWe are the base’! It wasn’t a joke, rather subconscious admittance of truth that Al-Qaeda was a 3 billion dollar US military industry under US/NATO command later on used to create mass murders and violence in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Chechnya, Kashmir and Macedonia for military and political gains! That’s why citizens wonder as virtual Al-Qaeda terrorizes the world while Bin Laden mainly wanted US troops out of Arab Lands!       


The United States has detained more than 83,000 foreigners since it declared ‘War on Terror’. In other words 83,000 unknown innocent detainees are being used by US military to promote its war of terror which began with 9/11, killing Americans and destroying World Trade Centers as part of the plan envisioned in the ultimate terror document ‘Rebuilding Americas Defenses’!


CIA private airplanes have been ferrying detainees & Special Forces around the world using Iceland, Greenland, Canada, Great Britain, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central Asian Countries and the Island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. There are credible UN reports suggesting US military holding even prisoners on the war ships!


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An occupying force is responsible for all assets and security of the occupied country. IRAQ didn’t have Al-Qaeda before US-British-Australian illegal invasion that  followed with planned disappearance of 340 metric tons of Iraqi ammunitions & explosives containing 194.7 metric tons of HMX (high melting point explosive), 141.2 metric tons of RDX(rapid detonation explosive), and 5.8 metric tons of PETN (pentaerythritol tetranitrate) – ideal for subway bombing, car & truck bombing and simulated suicide bombing.


9/11 brought CIA, FBI, MI6 and Mossad together and Jewish American Intelligence czar Negroponte along with Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff are busy integrating CIA into Mossad with subcontracts and outsourcing as Special Forces! Thus it is absolutely prudent to claim that US military have been using Special Forces with Iraqi explosives to implement terrorist acts throughout the world including London and Spain subway bombing, Buli resort, Egyptian Resort, Nigerian Pipeline and endless car bombing in Iraq and Afghanistan – as well as worldwide abduction and assassination!


Since US is unwilling to share the name of the 83,000 detainees throughout the World, it is justified to assume that some detainees are being used as Suicide Bombing industry against their will using torture and brain washing by actors posing as Islamic leaders.


9-11 never happened without George Bush’s authorization of changing normal NORAD protocol of intercepting hijacking airplanes with fighters. World could end the ‘War on Terror’ if few US-British-NORAD officials could speak truth under oath. Void of 9-11 Open Public Investigation and related Anthrax Attack all Nations must worry as virtual Al-Qaeda Cells are converted into real CIA/FBI/Mossad/MI6 Active Sleeper Cells.


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