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Why 9/11 Was A Terrorist Attack Masterminded At The White House Implemented From Pentagon! (A Thesis from Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)


[It is time for North American Politicians, NORAD officials, true patriotic high level Military Authority and prudent Journalists & Media personnel to come forward and tell the world what really happened on 9/11 in the name of maintaining US/NATO military supremacy on Earth, Space, and Cyber Space! Anyone who remains silent and tries to make others silent imagining its all good for the Americans and long term Western Economy committing the greatest crime against humanity letting democratic mass murderers be the worst Frankenstein ruling our world with terror toward overall destruction. God helps our leaders to speak truth under oath.]  


[Article Simple Proof for any reader who doesn’t have time for details]


[CIA-Central Intelligence Agency, FBI-Federal Bureau of Investigation, Mossad–Israeli Intelligence Agency, MI6-UK Intelligence Agencies, NSC–National Security Council, NORAD–North American Aerospace Defense Command, ISI–Inter-Services Intelligence, RFU–FBI Radical Fundamentalist Unit]


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Abstract: Since the only investigative US journalist Daniel Pearl was beheaded in Pakistan by ISI, CIA’s main link to Al-Qaeda, an ordinary world citizen had to establish an integrated theory about what really happened on 9/11 and who were responsible for that unthinkable disaster, behind all the rhetoric & fear of apprehension, and why! This is a simple theory put together so that every world citizen (juror) can extend a verdict saying 9/11 is a plot master minded from the White House and Executed by Pentagon along with high level FBI operatives collaborating with high level CIA/MI6/ISI/Mossad officials.    

Article: New Pearl Harbour (9/11 False Flag Operation Motives and Means)


Gist: 9/11 never happened the way it happened without President George Bush’s authorization changing existing NORAD protocol inactivating NORAD’s authority to scramble fighter jets against any suspicious airplanes, especially flying without transponder, in the North American Airspace! The newly authorized Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) Hijack Coordinator, Mike Canavan, was sent to Puerto Rico without backup where he was out of contact throughout 9/11 operation enabling the success of the well coordinated precision Remote Control Military Plan, like Operation Northwood!


(The Proof is in the Book/E-Book:Real Path To 9 11from Trafford, USA)


The signatories of the ‘Project of the New American Century (PNAC)’, including Vice President Cheney and defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld, masterminded ‘The New Pearl Harbor’ on 9/11 using Air Force to remotely hijack well known military/commercial jets, Boeing 757 & 767, locking on the transponders from Pentagon running airplane crash simulation from the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), in Chantilly Virginia, making the patriotic pilots watch helpless destructions!     


There were no physical hijackers! The fake calls and rumors were part of the well rehearsed planned implementation as originally envisioned by the Pentagon’s Crisis Action Team (CAT) similar to Operation Northwood against Cuba! All the alleged hijacker’s names were known to CIA as part of the Pentagon’s Able Danger project that existed since 1998 based on information shared among allied Intelligence Authorities long before September 11, 2001 for setting up Al-Qaeda patsies! FBI, one of the main collaborator for the success of 9/11 Military Coup, used the names to frame and blame Islamic militants who never took any of those flights as confirmed by all 9/11 flight’s passenger lists! 


Well choreographed and timed mysterious Bin Laden video may help International Republican Party re-elect George Bush administration fooling Americans but none of them can ever address the 9/11 anomalies illustrated as conclusion in this thesis!        


Key Points of Prosecution:



1. All signatories of the Project For the New American Century

    are either member of the Bush/Cheney Administration or Pentagon  who

    asked for New Pearl Harbor in their ambition of  Rebuilding America’s Defense

         (Page 51) Creating Tomorrow’s Dominant Force - the process of

          transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long

          one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event like a New Pearl Harbor”.


         Thus, 9/11 was a requirement for re-establishing American Supremacy

         throughout the world, as viewed by this group of people. It is to be noted that

         most of the signatories are non-elected dual US/Israeli citizens.


         All world citizens who can read or listen must know about

         the ultimate Document of Terrorism in the land, space and cyberspace to re-

         affirm Zionist vision of Worldwide American Supremacy!    


       2. Bush Administration was putting the final touches on a Middle East initiative,

           which included recognition of a Palestinian State, endorsement of the Mitchell

           Plan, and position statements about Palestinian refugees and the status of

           Jerusalem. This initiative was to be shared with the Saudi Ambassador to the

           United Nations on Sept. 13, 2001, with a formal presentation to the U.N. General

           Assembly by the Secretary of State Colin Powell on September 23. 9/11 Disaster

           brought all humane peace and international initiatives to a grinding halt, as

           per requirements in the document ‘Project of the New American Century’!


Main Arguments:


Ever wondered why no Superman, Batman or Spiderman could save New

York City and Pentagon on 9/11/2001, then you must read this document to



¨On 9/11/2001, normal US routines and procedures were violated by few

Government officials including President and Vice President, inactivating the

Airline procedures of hijacked airliner and follow up responses from NORAD,

Pentagon and the White House for about two hours.   


¨ The most important point is the NORAD hijacking protocol before 9/11:

 Per  1st Air Force's own book about 9/11, the sector commander

 [at NEADS] would have authority to scramble the airplanes.”).


But, the Protocol in place on 9/11 states that if the FAA requests the military to

go after an airplane, “the escort service will be requested by the FAA hijack

coordinator, Mike Canavan, by direct contact with the National Military

Command Center (NMCC).”   

Ironically Mike Canavan was sent to Puerto Rico that morning without backup.


¨ The second most important point is that the US Military and NORAD

were at the highest state of alert performing “Global Guardian” military training

exercise when the planes with Transponder off were flying without interruption to

programmed targets. Normally NORAD can see any plane (Hubbub) and act

immediately the moment the Transponder stops responding.


¨ The third most important point is silence from the helpless pilots

during the entire hijacking drama confirming the

control have been taken from ground piggybacking Primary Channel and

disabling cockpit voice recorder while keying on the cockpit microphone. That is

the most educated reason why Transponders were disabled before climbing to

35,000 feet in all hijacking occasions as well as blank voice recorders!


¨Whoever sent US Military grade Anthrax to Capitol Hill to kill Democratic

Senators and media critical of Bush Administration are directly linked with

The Remote Control Hijacking of all 9/11 flights piggybacking primary

channel of Boeing 757 and 767 disabling transponders and cockpit voice

recorders! You must be wondering why all 9/11 airplanes were Boeing 757

and 767? Because they were built to be remote controlled from the ground in

case of hijacking equipped with Home Run software and mechanisms.

Lufthansa had to de-install them.   


¨ Since 9/11 flights were fully automated Boeing military and passenger

drones, NORAD didn’t have to scramble fighter planes, they could just

brought them down to nearest US Airforce Base using secret codes only

known to NORAD and US military.


¨ There were no physical hijackers. Helpless pilots watched their Airplanes

being Flown as drones ending in irrecoverable disaster. 


¨ The plan was conceived starting 2000 when Able/Danger project was

    dissolved and implemented with the hiring of Dov  Zakheim as the

    Comptroller of the Pentagon in May 2001. He was the Corporate Vice

    President of Systems Planning Corporation which specializes in

    Remote Control Flight Termination from the ground.


    Able/Danger project was tracking Mohamed Atta, and three of the

    proposed  9/11 plot's 19 hijackers since 1999 inside USA. The file has been

    destroyed by  Pentagon after 9/11 which is still under Congressional



¨ Whoever wanted journalist Daniel Pearl beheaded for pursuing Indian

    lead linking ISI, Richard Armitage (US Deputy Secretary of State) and

    $100,000 wire transfer from

  Pakistan’s Army General Mahmoud Ahmad to Mahammed  Atta’s Florida Account  are the real perpetrators.


1.      Failure of Normal Air Traffic Controller (ATC), FAA (Federal Aviation Authority), and North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) procedures.    


It is a normal FAA procedure that NORAD fighter planes must scramble within minutes of a confirmed hijacking! This was even true for a small aircraft of Golfer Stewart Payne Learjet 35 before 9/11! But on 9/11 NORAD stayed inactive and when they finally sent fighters they were directed away from the non-responsive airliners.   


2.      Passenger lists of all flights of 9/11 None of them are complete, no names similar to the FBI list can be found on the Passenger Lists of all 9/11 flights.


Per standard Airline Procedure each person boarding a flight must show a photo Id with the name that is on the ticket.  So airlines passenger list must be the final.  Americans and the world don’t need FBI edited list where the passenger total-count does not match the list of passengers implicating FBI as the part of the 9/11 implementation process like NORAD and FAA. No one could board a flight in USA without a photo Id and Passport showing one’s actual name.


Ever wondered how the FBI named all supposedly dead 9/11 hijackers on 9/12?

They even found a clean passport lying by ground zero! Israel warned US in August 2001 and delivered a list of 19 possible terrorists to FBI.  Because Israeli Mossad agents as Art Students collected information about Islamic looking face and sounding name who were taking flying lessons on Cessna/Katana mostly for fun for $60/hour.


3.      Remote Control Hijacking using Boeing 757 and 767 Home Run Software which is

      integrated within the Flight Control System.  Boeing 757 and 767 are the only

      passenger plane built with remote control option which can be taken over from the

      ground piggybacking the Primary Channel and thus disabling the transponder and the

      cockpit voice recorder. Why Lufthansa de-installed Home Run from their Boeing fleet!


3.      Anthrax – US military grade anthrax were sent only to Democratic Senators (opposition politicians) and News Media critical to Bush Administration! Al-Qaeda probably could never think about this, their probable targets would be The White House and War Mongering Politicians.


4.      Destruction of World Trade Center and all evidences for future analysis and investigation


  1. All steel were sold to scrap dealers as soon as possible and were kept away from all private engineering investigators.
  2. Surveillance tapes and logs have been missing from a distant Bank’s Vault.
  3. Security threats were lowered just before 9/11 abruptly removing the bomb-sniffing dogs.
  4. Marvin P. Bush, the president’s younger brother, was a principal in a company called Securacom that provided security for the World Trade Center, United Airlines, and Dulles International Airport on 9/11. It is very unusual that a Kuwait-American owned foreign company would be given so much authority over high level security establishments. 
  5. WTC power down from 9/8-9/9 for 36 hours disabling cameras and security locks.
  6. Destruction of Evidence from Ground Zero at the World Trade Center
  7. Timed Demolition of World Trade Center depriving Victims to be rescued by Fire Fighters, military and National Guards!
  8. Even now Bush Administration and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is shying away from WTC Ground Zero Radiation Testing infuriating New York Senator Clinton.


5.      Absence of rescue efforts by military or national guards before World Trade Center collapsed

If 9/11 was a foreign terrorist act world would have seen a rescue effort using choppers and military technology Hollywood could never dream of. The very slow pace of rescue using hands and plastic mugs in human chains only ensured death of any survivors beneath the demolished WTC debris.


6.       Obstruction of justice and stone walling by the Bush Administration

A doctor never hides a patient’s condition or health data from the family! Then why every effort from Bush Administration was exerted to hide information, mislead public with misinformation and obstruct/delay a public inquiry of the disaster as long as possible instead of being prompt & voluntary! 


7.      Lowering Security Level despite World wide pre-9/11Warnings . Friends or apparent foe all tried their best to inform American Government and their Intelligence without realizing those threats were propaganda by CIA/ISI/Mossad to deviate all thoughts of Remote Control hijacking of airplanes as drones!   


8.      List of detainees never disclosed

For trust and accountability people must know the suspects arrested after 9/11 incident and the nature of their crimes irrespective of nationality and religion. Hiding detainees away from justice and public only helps toward mistrust of a Government, which lacked credibility right from the beginning of 9/11 disaster.       


9.      No Airport Security video showing Hijackers boarding not just one of the four flights from four Airports! The only photo they show about hazy Atta in Portland which doesn’t even look like an Airport (just look at the benches and surrounding)!


10.  The World Trade Center Collapse without bending or buckling despite visibly undisturbed towers after the initial collisions. Firemen were trying to put off small fires that were still burning before they were ordered to leave the building.


11.  Shutting down the WTC elevators when firemen were waiting with rescued victims and trapped employees


12.  Concealing or censoring Flight Recorders! Flight Recorders are always found intact in inland crash. FBI & CIA concealed WTC flight recorders and censored Pentagon and Pennsylvania recorders trying to support their fabrication.





If 9/11 was the work of the Cave Dweller Diabetic Patient Bin Laden and his 19 Cessna trained Box cutters armed disciples and President George Bush didn’t authorize change in normal NORAD hijacking procedures, then –


·  Crew (Pilot/Captain) would have pressed the transponder signaling hijacking and

    Ground Control would have followed normal hijacking procedures immediately.


·  NORAD would have acted promptly scrambling fighter planes after the hijacked

    Airplanes, eventually destroying them as per normal procedures.


·  Since all 9/11 flights were Boeing 757 & 767 NORAD would have brought them

    down to nearby US Airforce Base terminating flights using Remote Control

    option available to US Military & NORAD piggybacking primary channel of the

    Flight Management System.


· Even if the Hijackers could hit buildings, World would have seen a rescue

   operation from World Trade Centers using Helicopters and US military stunt

   Hollywood can never produce!


·  Passenger lists of all Airlines would have shown hijackers names consistent with

    their Passports and Photo-Ids. No one can fly in US without ID as on the Ticket!


·   Lists of all detainees by nationality would have been published immediately for

     open justice satisfying public interests and trusts!


·   Anthrax would have been sent to The White House and Pentagon, NOT the

     Democratic Senators and media critical to Bush Administration creating post

     9/11 ‘Psychological Warfare’.


·   President Bush would have flown to White house directly as the Commander-in-

    Chief instead of getting briefed for four hours in Offutt Air Force Base

    (Home of the U.S. Strategic Command Headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska)!

[Imagine a father consulting with a physician when his child is drowning in a pond! A President is the father of a nation and those dying children at WTC needed his immediate help and attention]!


·  World would have seen the fastest high-tech recoveries of the victims from the

    World Trade Center debris, NOT the slowest recovery using hands and plastic tubs.


·  No one would steal World Trade Center Security Videos from distant secured

    Bank’s Vault!


·   All scrap metal from World Trade center would have been saved for Engineering

     Analysis to determine the reason for such an Unconventional Structural Failure!


·   Bush Administration would not have been planning to attack Iraq when still

     victims were suffering underneath the debris of World Trade Center.


·   FBI could never know the real names of the dead Hijackers and their links.


·   FBI and NTSB must have found all cockpit voice recorders and data recorders

     proudly presenting them to the Americans to build their case.


·   President Bush would never block, delay and disrupt investigation and ignore

     recommendations from the 9/11 inquiry panel regarding future homeland



·   There would have been considerable Jewish victims among the dead in World

     Trade Center! The final list showed one out of 4000+ who worked in WTC.


·   Wall Street journal reporter Daniel Pearl would be still alive, rewarded by the

     US Government for his courage to establish truth and justice!


Final Statement:

Poem: 9-11-State-Crimes

The prime motives and logical circumstantial evidences for 9/11 disasters have been established. If the Americans lived in a country as envisioned by the Founding Fathers  then the Government of the United States of America would come forward openly telling the world what really happened on 9/11/2001 that killed so many innocent civilians bringing life time nightmares for their family and friends!  If Americans had an honest and peace loving Government 9/11 never happened evading trillion dollar proactive military, intelligence and NORAD’s preventive measures in broad day light!


Evidences are circumstantial but more than needed to acquit Bin Laden and 19 proposed nameless dead hijackers and convict Bush/Cheney Administration and their accomplice!


Long live peace and justice in our beloved living world…..Kolki


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