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Judging By Ten Commandments Most Christians & Jews and Vatican & Church of England Would Lose Their Religious Identity and Covenant With God! (Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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10 CommandmentsLoving Gospels




[Isn’t Cross a Graven Image (Anti-Christian) before God per Ten Commandments? Kolki]







[Isn’t bribing Felons as witnesses against alleged suspects Un-Christian Like per Ten Commandments?  Kolki]




[Although military, mercenaries and covert intelligences of so called cross-loving Christian Countries (historical colonizers) have been persecuting people worldwide including Christians, Pope thinks Christians are being persecuted! But where are the Christians per Ten Commandments?]







Because Christians (Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant or Anglican), Jews and Zionists are violating Ten Commandments every day while maintaining absolute faith in scriptures Covenant, as follows:


I    Pope, Bishops, King/Queen and Priests coming before God

II    Cross is a graven image, a symbol of Death

III    They swear by Jesus all the time, even out of anger and hatred

IV    Most don’t cease work on Sabbath day or keep it holy

V    Most leave their parents alone for the own family and happiness

VI    Most eat beef, lamb, chicken, pork, fish all products of killing

VII    Adultery became sophistication in the Christian world

VIII    White color stealing is prevalent as making more profit

IX    Justice is corrupted bringing in felons as compromising witnesses

X    Most people covet neighbours, friends, even family members for their success

Poem: Christian’s Pain

The irony is that Zionist Evangelists strongly believe that Ancient Palestine belongs to Jewish People because God in Old Testament said so! And Pope from Vatican wants Christianism to be World Religion!   The main problem is that Hebrew Scripts (ancient, medieval and modern) don’t have the letter ‘J’ making Jews, Judea, John and Judaism all foreign to the land of Palestine (Ancient Canaan) and Christianism a religion of faith based on Judaism and their culture which are Hellenistic – a product of Alexandrian invasion and occupation of the Old World including Syria (Tyre), Egypt, Babylon (Iraq) and Canaan!


Poem: Cross          Crusades        Dangerous World Situation


With ignorant/indifferent silence from True Christians worldwide Holy Trinity being speedily replaced by unholy alliance of Holy See (Father), Superior General (Black Pope as Son) and SMOM (Sovereign Military Order of Malta as the Holy Ghost) for their Covert Agenda of Bringing ‘End of the World’ as the ‘New World Order’ for the benefit of handful few which could their worst nightmares too! 


Division of the Ten Commandments by religion/denomination


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