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Christian’s Pain

(Dedicated to true humane religions that empower humans with power of love, devotion, giving & mercy – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com) 

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[Isn’t Cross a Graven Image (Anti-Christian) before God per Ten Commandments? Kolki]


Early Semite Hebrews and true Jesus (Yahshua) loving Christians

Have been watching silently Evangelical Poaching in millions

Of Semites, Hebrews, Buddhists, and surviving Neanderthals!

As non-Semite Greco-Nordic-Cross colonizes the Promise World

Running shadow governments supervised from Vatican

Hiding behind democratic masks of Monarchial Constitutions

Using imperialist military, intelligence, media, and corporations

Repeating history perpetuating dominations and oppressions!


Many remain silent for fear or unknown gains

Losing own children for supporting troops in pain

Watching helplessly communities, countries, degrade

As each crusade accelerates the self annihilation process!

Contradicting loving Gospels of Life with Authoritative Bible

Expediting Armageddon using weapons of mass destruction

Embracing the idea of prophetic United Kingdom of Zion

Where non-Semite Zionists are in absolute control

Void of worries from identity crisis and true Semitic union!


Yet can’t rise baptised in eternal messages of love

To free Kingdom of God from the burden of deadly Cross!


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September 11, 2001 attack on USA was a Military Coup in broad day light using remote controlled hijackings and coordinating loyalists in every which way to symbolically** Re-Annex USA as part of the British Empire using multi-country covert intelligence commanded by MI6/CIA.  

There were no Physical Hijackers!

The Proof is in the Book/E-Book:Real Path To 9 11


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Thus the ‘War on Terror’ is nothing but 21st Century Zionist Crusades for colonization/re-colonization of the world with Trojan deception!


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[What most World Citizens never had time to realize that to Zionist-Evangelists (Gentiles) ‘Christ is Cross, Israel is the World, Vatican is the Capital of the Kingdom of God’, Loving Yahshuah (Jesus) is anti-Christ (anti-Cross) and rest are Jews irrespective of religion to be sacrificed for the Noble’s New World! That is why unprecedented violence & wars followed the onset of Greco-Nordic cross-bearing Christianism controlled by mostly Macedonian Apostles as Bishop or Pope! Kolki]




Short List of Evangelic Poaching throughout history:

[Its all started from Macedonia with the advent of Phillip II, father of Alexander the Conqueror, the force against democracy and for kingship eventually took over Christianity replacing Jesus’ Love with Vatican’s deadly Cross! Kolki]


Victims of Alexander The Conqueror: millions slaughtered, displaced, sold as slaves to miners and kings

Victims of Christianity: Ancient Hebrews, true Jesus-loving Christians, Buddhists & Muslims

African American Holocaust: killings and enslaving of Diasporic Hebrews & Arabs converted to Islam)

American Indian Holocaust: The most massive genocide in the history costing 100+ millions in 5 centuries

World War I - Over 40 million casualties resulted, including approximately 20 million military and civilian deaths

Spanish Flu epidemic 1918-1920: current estimates are 50 million to 100 million died worldwide

German Holocaust - during reform killing Christians and native Hebrews including 100,000 peasants

World War II55 million dead mostly Hebrews, Muslims, Buddhists and true Jesus loving Christians

Atom Bombs on Buddhist Japan – killing 270,000 instantly millions afterwards from radiation

War in Buddhist Korea2 millions military and millions civilian casualties

War in Buddhist VietnamOver 1.5 million military and estimated 2-5 million civilian casualties

War in Buddhist Cambodia

Iraq-Iran WarEstimated 1.5 million killed or wounded; US supplied Iraq with conventional and chemical weapons  

US/NATO Bombing of former YugoslaviaVictims & casualties of US/NATO war crimes

Victims of Classified US/NATO National InterestsMillions including many democratic leaders

Victims of Synthetic AIDS, Bird Flu, SAR virus throughout the world – Estimated 33+ millions

Invasion of Iraq & Afghanistan1 million dead, millions wounded creating 5 million homeless & refugees

Planning of another Pandemic InfluenzaNorth American SPP Estimating 150+ million people dead around the world

from the upcoming spread of influenza virus while profiting as well from expensive untested vaccination for a few!

Poem: Common Ground


[None of the above is isolated incident but a coordinated calculative long term plan for the end of the world where only non-Semite evangelists (gentile) live and prosper forever without worries of the natives! God bless and save our world and all its ancient treasures including hospitable people, universal love & knowledge, and creative cultures! Kolki]


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Evolved Humans (Natives) worshipped God as spirit often making idols as reference deity for the abstract! Christian Authority burned them at the stake, tortured and abused them even after conversion to Christian Faith downgrading them as ‘Pagans’! But, aren’t Pope’s, Bishop’s, Queen acting as real Pagan rather acting as the God?