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Son of God

(Dedicated to universal consciousness throughout the universe – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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 God in Bible in Man’s Image


Imagine God with only one son

Who has been crucified on the Cross

Now sitting on God’s right hand after resurrection

And God is old as in Biblical visualization!


Then Mercenaries are free to run the world killing without mercy

Where nobles continue fighting wars for supremacy

As helpless commons worship God almighty for security

Only to watch annihilation and destruction of God’s creativity

By the beholder of religion as the supreme authority

Always creating and adjusting laws that guarantee nobility!


‘But one can fool few all the time

Many for sometime

But not everyone all the time’!


If a soul can really rise –

As born again from any religious might

Beyond the burden of enslaving texts and disguise

Then it is not very hard to realize

That a physical God can exist resembling human kind 

If and only if, all men are sons of that divine

All women are daughters with equal rights

So is true for every sentient being

Be it on any Planet or in Paradise!

This truth is the main vehicle for Heavenly paradigm!


[Jesus - I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.”  (John 20:17 RSV 1952)] Thus Yahshua (Yeshua) of Nazareth never claimed him as Son of God.

But Alexander declared him as Son of God (Zeus, Ammon) claiming him both as God of Egypt and Persia; That may be the reason why “Second Coming of Christ” per King James Bible is violent like Alexander, Cesar, Pope, United Monarchs, Hitler, Bush-Blar-Howard!

Fig. God Zeus with son in right hand [That may be the only reason why King James Bible prophesized Second Coming of Violent Christ who will rid the world of 2/3rd population acting like Alexander, Caesar, Hitler, Bush-Blair-Howard etc.]

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[How world can have peace when non-Semite Zionist Evangelists have been constantly preaching ‘All Non-Christians Are Satan’, over the Radio & Television irresponsibly spreading hate-crimes to justify ‘Evangelic United Kingdom of Israel’! Kolki]


[Imagine if God as in Bible had only one son and some humans killed him for blood covenant being free to do anything without guilt including crusades against own kind. Kolki]

Son of God??