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Is There A God?

(Dedicated to universal self-realization – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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Even a blind appreciates incessant presence of God!

As father God helps us to be on Earth

As mother carries us in the womb for nine months

As parents care for us as New Born

As family guides us to grow under protection

As neighbours welcome us to the union

As teachers prepare us for worldly vocations

As labourers produce and deliver goods for consumptions!


As clouds bring us rains to fill ponds and rivers

As nature makes us thinkers and philosophers

As birds of heaven invite us to be wanderers

Give us peace of mind as soldiers and fire fighters!

Bring distances closer as flight crew, boatmen, and drivers

Advances our knowledge base as researchers

Delight our faces as chefs and waiters

Carry our belongings with care as movers!

As pets arouse loving care without gain of return

As friends become companion of selfless actions

As opponents test limit of egocentric behaviours

Giving us ecstasy or melancholy as winners or losers!  


As we marry, beget children with cheers and tears

God is always in and around in some form or other

Just waiting to be recognized with vision clear!


God comes to the hospital bed

As doctor, nurse, and all night attendant!

Suddenly appears when we are lost or need help

Makes us wonder about unknown coincidence!

As Earth gives us home of enchantment

As Sun serves us without rest and breaks

Takes us to new home of transcendental waves -

The moment heart stops and soul evaporates!


God’s loving expression touches everyone, rich or poor

Enlightens Prophets and Messiahs more as tuned (willing) receivers

Most things on Earth can’t help but embracing God

Even the violent Crusaders and worshipers of deadly Cross!


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