[From the Author of Poems by Kolki Absolutely Humane & Real Path To 9 11]

[Terrorism can never be fully addressed without eliminating brutal military terrorism! Kolki]

Body Bag

(Dedicated to all the victims of wars including fallen soldiers - Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

[It is really unfortunate that UN and World Court became a vehicle for unthinkable US/NATO/Israeli War Crimes using Drones and Missiles insulting Rule-of-Law, Human Rights, and true Peace Efforts! Kolki]

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Every time an occupying US/NATO soldier dies in distant lands

The dead body arrives in military base wrapped in the flag

Making news instantly showing mourners and sufferers

As leaders and military commanders praise heroic efforts

And nation salutes the fallen soldier deifying as patriot!

Now imagine -

If the victims of their deadly campaign also landed in millions

From the invaded countries including Iraqis, Afghanis, and Libyans

Flooding military bases of US, Canada, Australia, France, and Britain

While their media covering the brutal killings of innocents

Unbearable sufferings of surviving widowers and orphans now homeless

Living barely as war inflicted refugees in hopelessness

Without electricity, water, sanitation, education, natural market

Guaranteed livelihood, security, and Government for safety nets

Losing all faith on Western civilized society and their promises

Counting days bearing memories of horror and brutal mess

Watching Oligarchy In the name of Democracy without solace

As United Nations and the Monarchist Colonialists became Deadly embraced

Reviving crusades to take the world back to the Dorian Dark Ages!


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[What happen to Civilians when US/NATO Bombs and Missiles, as pre-emptive strike, take away their water, electricity, home, livelihood, security, and the loved ones? Kolki]


[What did Taliban do, except requesting proof of US/British conviction that Bin Laden was behind 9/11 attack, to justify US/NATO extra-judicial poaching using drones and missiles, tanks and mercenaries, grenades and machine guns? Kolki]




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