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Life is simple

(Dedicated to a borderless Unified World, Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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Life used to be so simple

World used to be beautiful

Food used to be plentiful -

Sharing caring meaningful.


There used to be competition

Without many duplications

No free-trade implication -

Trading was for salvation.


There was no corporation

No self proclaimed civilization

No market manipulation -

Mutually helpful transactions.


There were no enforced partitions

No artificial divisions

Human culture and civilization -

Followed natural limitations for evolution!


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Written in 2001

[The world once rejoiced tearing down of The Berlin Wall! But British and USA head of states lack the guts to tell Israel Tear Down the Apartheid Wall against Palestinian’! Ironically the US tax Payers are paying Israel to build the Wall violating all Palestinian Human Rights – dividing the Ancient free land of Canaan! Being encouraged, Zionists now extending the wall to Mexican and Canadian borders posing as Minutemen and using media like CNN! Imagine Peace if Israel spent the money for Palestinian Economy instead as a good neighbour! Kolki]