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CNN’s Hate Crimes

(Dedicated to true free uniting media around the world – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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[How CNN deprived the Americans and the World of peace blocking Hans Blix testimony confirming Iraq had no ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ unlike USA, Britain and Israel! Kolki]


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CNN’s Zionist media host Lou Dobbs Tonight

Deliberately preaching hate crimes every night

Against Mexicans, Asians and Latinos alike -

Since Kosher death of Terri Schiavo offended Christians outright!


Americans watched painfully a helpless slaughtered

Removing her feeding tubes depriving even water

Against the will of her friends, brother, father and mother

Astonished, anguished, powerless before Zionist Judges-Lawyers!

Throughout the saga of feeding tube removal -

CNN sided with Michael Schiavo the Zionist American -

Then smartly focussed on touchy issue of Illegal Immigrants!


Their Chosen talk show hosts, analysts, and anchor custodians

Equivocally spread rumours of Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destructions

Meticulously blocked UN Inspector’s speech after final search

Covering views instead of military analysts ready for war!


CNN unitedly brewing worries and fear of the Asians

Preaching baseless danger of economic success in China and India

Reviving Vatican’s Inquisition for Final Solution phobia!

But never addresses billions of US taxpayer’s dole to Israel

As they attack and dehumanize helpless welfare recipients!

The only thing CNN never touches carefully -

That most non-Semite Zionists came to America illegally!


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