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Like Hariri Tribunal UN Must Help The Americans To Find Out Who Sent Anthrax Only To Democratic Senators and Media Critical To Bush Administration! (Deepak Sarkar, July 15, 2007, www.kolki.com)


Ever wondered as an American why no Superman, Batman, Spiderman could save New York City on 9/11/2001? Then you should also wonder why Bush Administration is silent about the Anthrax attack on Democratic senators and media critical to the legitimacy of Bush Presidency without Florida vote count!



Fellow Americans must note that on 9/11 Bush Administration, CIA, FBI, had no knowledge of the attack as claimed by them. But mysteriously they knew everything about the dead hijackers on 9/12 who were not listed in the Airliner Passenger Lists, the logical final boarding lists. Yet, till today, they have no knowledge about the US military grade Anthrax which killed many Americans and were meant to kill/threaten Democratic Senators and veteran trusted Media Anchor persons and their associates!


Anthrax Attack: Was it a backup military option just in case the coordinated remote hijackings and demolitions plan failed? http://www.kolki.com/peace/Anthrax-Attack.htm


It is time fellow Americans stand tall and find out:

1.   Why exit polls don’t work only for George Bush’s election?

2.   Who sent Anthrax only to Democratic Senators, Media critical to Bush administration?

3.   Why US soldiers kill journalists and humanitarians under brutal US occupation?

4.   What Pentagon is doing with 83,000 unknown detainees & 900,000 secret federal employees, since 9/11?

5.   In a country of 87.5% Jesus loving Christians who can plan and implement Shock & Awe destroying Iraq and killing 700,000+ of their peaceful citizens!


The current Bush administration became the Nightmare of Founding Fathers unilaterally leading the world toward World War III, destroying all possibilities of peaceful co-existence, disrespecting all International Laws and efforts toward an environmentally conscious friendlier global village. Fellow Americans must stand tall to find the truth of 9/11, know the names of all 9/11 detainees, and accuse Bush administration for all unnecessary killings-torture-abuses-destruction in Iraq and Afghanistan!


If the Americans could protest like the Ukrainians, they would have democratic president by now who could resonate with the worldwide peace and welfare movement for the humanity, signing all meaningful and sensible treaties past leaders ever dreamt of.


This is a very crucial phase in History as US Administration fights virtual terrorism around the world to empower united British Monarchy defocusing the Americans from deficit, joblessness, plunging stock market, domestic economic and medical insecurity while isolating America from the world stage staying away from most important global issues.


As the profoundly patriotic US media is trying to portray George Bush as the ‘Right Man’, the fact only tells that even if he is the Right Man’ for The United Kingdom of Israel but absolutely ‘Wrong Man’ for USA, UN and the peace loving world. God blessed America many times but my fellow Americans need to wake up this time to realize and use it properly for a better world!


Can American Military, FBI and CIA hurt own citizens and destroy own sovereign structures for Eugenic Evangelical Colonization Goal for the New World Order?


'Operation Northwoods' - Terrorist Side of US Military Even Hurting Americans and GIs!


How active and vigilant were US Military before and on 9/11 for the success of the Military Coup?


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