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(Dedicated to worldly Radha – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com )

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Radha is the reason for Krishna’s love!

Which flows throughout the universe -

To embrace her embodiment

That transforms from finite to limitless!


They become one for a moment

Only to break apart as male and female

Enjoy depth of passion in unification -

And intense longing during separation!


She is the cause of all relation

Why neutrons give rise to atoms

Dancing as spontaneous atomic vibration

Atoms combine as molecules

Inspired by Krishna consciousness

Residing in Radha’s faithful existence!


Their union and separation

Is the cause of all causes

All creation and evolution!

Krishna is the heat behind cosmic consciousness

Radha contains that heat!

Krishna is Paramatma, Supreme soul, Brahman

Radha is the ‘Atman’ in Paramatma!

Their spontaneous act of love, material and spiritual -

Maintains eternal dynamic equilibrium!


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When true love is realized, nothing can be harmed knowingly because every sentient being has its own spirit/soul for further evolution through re-incarnation based on karmic ability. Kolki