How can Canadians expect Canada to remain Sovereign and Democratic under Stephen Harper’s Royal Regime?


Deepak Sarkar, Victoria, BC

(Originally written on 1/17/2006)


Because to Stephen Harper Canadian Opinion is “a juvenile and insecure anti-Americanism – which is not very Democratic and Patriotic!

Mr. Harper followed the Queen to every destination during her visit showing loyalty for the illegal Parliament closure disabling democracy - making him the King! 

Most Canadians were against illegal and brutal invasion of Iraq and still believe that US and British Administration committed War Crimes during peace time lying under oath to their own citizens and the world, as well as manufacturing intelligence.


But the minority owned majority media tried very hard to divide Canadians blaming France and Quebec for humane Canadian support against killing of 100,000+ peaceful Iraqi citizens in the name of geopolitical strategy for military supremacy.


When our Hon. Ex. Prime Minister Jean Chrétien's worked very hard for a peaceful solution of the artificial ill-intentioned crisis Stephen Harper was busy telling USA and the world his allegiance to the Alliance for War:

The following week he told Fox News that most Canadians outside Quebec support the U.S.-led invasion. He also introduced a motion in the Commons asking Canada to support the war. It seems he was working and speaking for British-American Administrations humiliating most true patriotic Canadians.

There are many news clips showing Harper's support of the war during that period. One has him saying, "We should have been there, shoulder to shoulder with our allies." But his most elaborate justification came in a speech in Toronto in April 2003 that sought to justify the new Conservative movement. In it, he lambasted the Left and Jean Chrétien's Liberals for waffling:

He went on, "There is no doubt about the technical capacity of our society to fight this war" – an opinion he doesn't seem to hold today. At Trenton he said that while he supported the war earlier, he always had doubts about Canada's ability to actually contribute any soldiers. It must be noted that he was least interested about the Human sufferings in Iraq and Afghanistan since they were not of his kind and the war was mainly for the historic war mongering allied advantage calling crusades against culture and people foreign to them! Wasn’t the Zionist Nazi agenda?

How can Canadians expect Canada to remain sovereign and democratic under Stephen Harper’s minority regime whose absolute loyalty is to the Queen of England and the big war mongering allied brothers from the south of the border? Canadians couldn’t do anything when he closed the parliament for the advantage of his party with absolute support from her Majesty and not the Canadian people who are simple “Juvenile anti-American” per his opinion.  Since then the opponents are acting as if they are competing for better loyalty to her Majesty exposing democratic hypocrisy at its best!       

Canadians must not be fooled by election time politics of greed with few tax dollars losing sovereignty & freedom at the expense of a military government like USA or the Monarchy like the United Kingdom. Nothing is more dangerous than people who can lie under oath holding Bible. God (The Universal Loving Expression) bless Canadians to rise against hegemony and monarchy, and fight to perpetuate true participatory democracy which is only loyal to its own citizens.

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