[From the author of Poems by Kolki- Absolutely Humane & Real Path To 9/11]


Silent cry

(Dedicated to worldwide sustainable consciousness Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)


Whenever insects are crawling around suburban homes -

They are crying for help lost their place once they own!


Whenever campuses by Farmlands are overwhelmed with bugs -

They are crying for help scared from pesticides attack!


Whenever seagulls are crowding ocean beach screaming -

They are crying for help their food is victim of deep sea trawling!


Whenever people are sleeping by the street or begging -

They are crying for help untouchable in a feudalistic economy!


Whenever wars being fought for aggression with media posture -

Victims are crying afar from death, destruction, abuse and torture!


Whenever Refugees are crowding across neighbourly borders

They are crying for help, victims of Wars, Partitions or Mercenary/Militia Attacks!


Whenever engines are running, objects are roaring through sky

Noise erupting from construction, mining, or explosive device -

Molecules are crying for help from mechanical pain out of sight!


Whenever earthquakes devastating civilization like strokes

Tornados, Cyclones, sweeping surface in destructive mode

Volcanoes erupting vomiting ashes in the sky spreading lava remote

Mother Earth is crying in pain

From endless logging, digging, killings and noise for material gain!


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