[From the Author of Poems by Kolki Absolutely Humane, Real Path To 9/11 & Sayings of Kolki]



(Dedicated to sustainable peace and harmony Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)


Snakes shed skins per annual ritual

Deciduous shed leaves in the fall

Politicians shed insults during campaign or losing election (concession)

Many try hard to shed ego for freedom!

Eucalyptus, Arbutus, sheds bark for renewal

Corporations shed technologies for state of the art

Institutions shed books and manuals for the new arrivals

Organizations shed heads, its time for layoff or retire!


Military sheds old weapons dismantling detonators

Sometimes creating enemies at home or beyond border

Enriching Defense Industries from new military orders!

Religions try to shed dogmas to accommodate all

Some shed love to dominate with deadly cross

As victims shed tears in silence or standing tall!


Heaven sheds meteorites on planets and stars

To remind homosepiens about the gospels of loving care

That Blessed are the peace makers!


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