[From the author of Poems by Kolki- Absolutely Humane & Real Path To 9/11]


Lost Sound

(Dedicated to pristine world Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)


Ever wonder

What happens to all extra sounds we create in this world?

From daily chores to mining, logging, building, industrial efforts

Entertainment, sirens, traffic horns and public concerts

Running ships, airplanes, fighter jets, trains, buses and trucks

Blasting bombs in wars and testing nuclear weapons

Pounding steel beams to bedrocks or planned demolitions!


Sound propagates in the air as compression and depression

Its energy follows the law of conservation

Thus every sound we create will propagate in some form

Travelling somewhere around the globe waiting for action!


Resonance of union of many lost sound waves

Can result in catastrophic natural consequences

Severely affecting weather with unpredictable disturbances

Including storms, tornados, cyclones and hurricanes!


We must be careful for the endless sound we create

Lest they come back to haunt us and our children!

Written: Jan 27, 2007, Victoria home


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