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If India and China can build civilizations without hegemony what is wrong with USA, Britain, Australia and some NATO countries? (Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)  [Hegemony (he-gem-o-ny) - aggression or expansionism by large nations in an effort to achieve world domination. kolki]


Advancements of China and India toward developed country status must be celebrated and appreciated considering that the two Asian giants feed and care for almost half of the world population - without military occupation, and respecting most global treaties and initiatives!


It is another sad note of US/NATO Administrations, few North American & European politicians, as well as media analyst’s narrow world vision, together with the cost of ‘War of Terror’, which are creating a fear in North America & Europe against China and India’s ongoing economic growth and social welfare! 


The advent of computers, telecommunications, Internet banking and businesses brought to us a tremendous hope toward implementing a global village for ‘we the people, by the people and for the people’. All we need now are the goodwill of all nations, leaders and politicians with an open mind redefining nationalism to facilitate removing protectionism.


Even 20 years back very few people on earth dreamt about so much closeness among people around the world whether it is for business, news, travel or cultural exchanges.  Yet we see also political moves toward military dominance and protectionism – leading us back to an ‘economy of fear’ as well as POLITICS of fear’!


In a global market no country should feel threatened by the growth and development of other countries as long as the trades are fare and without military strategic interests. Because it is the military strategic interest which divides people, country and the world blocking true free trades and human relations! Thus North Americans & Europeans must not be afraid of the recent growth in China and India. It should be good news for the world considering the size of their population and their long-sufferings under repeated foreign invasions and occupations. So, their well being should be welcoming and encouraging.   


It is time for the existing military superpowers to understand that friendly diplomacy is much cheaper as well as effective than military strategic interests. Because most people around the world just want to see and enjoy a united free world where all humans feel equal while respecting every country’s political, cultural and religious traditions!     


Every process or model would have pros and cons and so is US style legalized feudal system, or Indian style true democracy, or China’s socialist capitalism.  It is up to the people of that nation to decide what is best for them to sustain economic growth for the benefit of all people.


One size doesn’t fit all and so is US style legalized feudal system which still cannot feed and care for all despite inheriting a brand new non exploited continent and all its resources. It is a sad example for the world that 21st century US political campaign themes are still ‘tough on crimes’, ‘more prisons’, ‘increasing pension age to 70’ and ‘improving a failing education system’! US politicians must not forget that domestic criminals are also US citizens produced by the existing socio-political environment to fill the need of ever-growing (2.5+ million prisoners) prison industry.


For hundreds of years Indians and Chinese worked in North America and Europe as refugees, immigrants or contract laborers - building infrastructures, helping in farming, industries and academic institutions, which contributed toward developed country status and related fortunes. It is time for the North Americans & Europeans to enjoy India and China being part of their academic, cultural and technological growth while indulging in generous Asian hospitality.


Finally, each country must avoid irresponsible tax cuts and excessive military spending, both are counter-productive to global village! Rather, debt reduction, balanced budget and the promise of sustainable environmentally sound humane economy would attract domestic as well as foreign investors into North American & European banks and stock markets much needed for vibrant economy without hegemony.


Good economy doesn’t necessarily mean a healthy nation.  Largest economy doesn’t necessarily mean rich nation.  It is time to re-think and re-evaluate economic benefit ensuring that it benefits the people whose well being determines the true richness of a nation.


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