Hesitation -


I donít know what it is ?

Whenever I miss you too much

And my mind becomes very eager

To see you or just talk to you

I seemed to slow down

And hesitate to call you !


Doubts overshadowmy feelings

Lest you donít appreciate my call!

Or I cannot express my true feelings

And may end up offending you !


As time goes by Ė

I feel even more hesitant and stiff

And feel stress from the notion of calling you.


Someone from inside asks me

To go for a long walk

To regain my thoughts and feelings!


As I come back from a long walk

I finally gain courage to call you

With my heart pounding

Each time the phone rings!


And then , suddenly, I hear your voice

Which I hear from within almost all the time

That sweet, simple, lovely and caring voice

Firm yet encouraging and affectionate

My soul gets very high

As if taking shower in the first rain

After a long drought summer.


CopyRight2000:Deepak Sarkar, Victoria, BC, Canada.