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(Dedicated to simpler and freer world – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)


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Modern human needs are enormous

As most flow with the ‘survival of the fittest’ slogan

Forgetting basic needs of good life are simple and natural

Embracing endless sophistication world can live without!


World can certainly be healthier –

Removing packaged fried snacks from shelves all together!

Without Pornography family life would be better

Without Boxing humans fight less among each other

Without Abortion stem cell industry would be out of foetus

Without Carbonated coloured drinks –

Humans would suffer less from diabetes, ulcers, even cancer!


Without Wars Tax Money would improve life of taxpayers  

 Without Analysts Media would cover more news for the viewers

Without brokers stock would resemble casino poker

Without Media poll voters would vote for the leaders

Without Celebrities humans would see them working around

Without Paparazzi tabloids wouldn’t distract shoppers   

Without Commercials Television could bring the world closer

Without prepuce, no sexual ecstasy for heavenly pleasure!


Without Labels - fruits and vegetables would be more edible

Without borders – people would be together visible

Minimizing military and intelligence – related rumours and suspicion!


Without fast food franchises –

Beef industry wouldn’t enjoy guaranteed market

Hiding slaughtering sufferings and polluting effects

From children and adults for marketing convenience

Deifying meat eating while mocking victim animals!


Without terrorism -

Many consultants and analysts would be out of job

Homeland security business would be laying off

Terror industries wouldn’t grow out of proportion -

Exploiting fear, panic, and privacy violation!


Without Constitutional Monarchs

World would be void of colonizing wars

Relieving citizens from expensive covert drug wars 

Freeing neighbourhoods from secretive invasive ears….

Intelligence would mean global enlightenment of each other

Swiss Bank and Off-Shore Banks would be open and fair!


•••  •••   •••

Without feudalism world wouldn’t need St. Nicholas (Santa Claus)

Without 9/11 there won’t be war-on-terror

Without Super power world would be safer

Without Alliance no power can impose World Wars

Without synthetic bio-tech virus

Vaccination industry would just disappear

Without Zionists and their racist Eugenic Holocausts

No Extreme tortures, Pandemic virus and Gas Chambers!

Without genetically modified seeds and fertilizers –

World would be pristine heaven on Earth

Without dominating Evangelism and Crusaders

Religions would celebrate life in bliss together!


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When religions coexist, leaders communicate, media respect neutrality, laws not blinded by immunity, and citizens' needs take precedence over profitability - peace becomes reality, world lives in harmony appreciating Human Rights – Kolki


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“Conflicts among humans on Earth natural, meant to be resolved humanely; military interventions only make conflicts cancerous!” Kolki


Kolki’s  Simple Peace Equation:

The universal equation of peace:

International Conflicts - [minus] Super Power or Monarchical Strategic Interests

= [equal to] Lasting peaceful coexistence!


How Easily Can We Achieve Undominated Co-Existing Heavenly World? Lot Easier Than Most Can Think Of!

(A Simple Methodology as a Starter)


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(Isn’t existence of covert Swiss Bank makes Switzerland the most corrupt country on Earth? Corrupting others including UN, Red Cross and Vatican using covert intelligences, Superior General of Holly See and SMOM – ‘Zionist Soldiers of Jesus’! Kolki)


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