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I don't have a president!
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I don't have a president!
Yes, for next four years -
I am without a president.

I voted, as most American citizens did -
Electing State and Federal representatives!
But my vote for president went astray -
Without a simple complete, legitimate count!

My candidate was honest and candid -
Succumbed to age old rigging and fraud!
As George Bush, Jeff Bush, Katherine Harris
Planned a Florida wide minority vote blocked!

Knowing in advance minority poll -
Ballots got manipulated with confusing punched holes!
Just to re-assure big brother’s hope -
Installed check points with scaring cops!

I like bi-partisan, I like action,
But how can I accept my president -
Without a fair election ??
Lost in popular vote and with less electorate -
How can one be president by the help of Supreme Court?

So, until we count all votes -
To honor democratic world!
I will be without a president -
Alas! For next four years!!!


[Written after George W. Bush’s illegal Victory in 2000 US election]

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