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(Dedicated to true Democracy where society only evolves forward – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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Though its passion which inspires people to lead and serve

Makes someone renowned for years to come

Every now and then a few rise to take us back

In the days of feudal lords now legalized!


Spread the message of greed to enrich the rich

Who in turn fund them to ensure people’s defeat!

Lacking world vision and caring compassion

They proudly act as villains dividing people and nations!


Retreat from global treaties towards peaceful grace

Increase military spending to provoke arms race

Disrespect international court and open justice

Run a democracy with military control secretive!


Treat earth as a chest of resources infinite

Pass bills to log and mine with alien appetite

Encourage violence for hegemonic adventures

Ignore established economic, social, scientific literatures!


Mire a nation with deficits, debts, and hatred

While a few clap and praise as they celebrate!

Out-Source open government to private fortresses

Terrorize communities imposing new fees for services!


Manipulate media with doctored opinion poll gains

Strengthen grip on power rewarding other villains

Need wars to make others pay incurred national debt

Evolve backward inflicting irreversible global damage! 


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[Imagine if God as in Bible had only one son and some humans killed him for blood covenant being free to do anything without guilt including crusades against own kind. Kolki]


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[Natural Conservatives are for Conservation of everything including life and definitely against Guns and Wars. Political Conservatives are historically Royals against ‘Democracy by the People’ beginning with Dorian Greek King Philip II, Father of ‘Alexander the Conqueror’ who devastated most parts of Asia beginning 342 B.C. They are for Private Monopoly against People’s Monopoly; they are for Big Military Government (at the cost of general sufferings) and Prison Industry that supports the military to wage wars against the will of the people supported by their Private Monopoly who gain more Monopoly from wars related destruction, occupation, domination and reconstruction. They are against Gun Control for profitable Crime Industry and Private Mercenary which can be conveniently used to quiet down protests against their Private Monopoly and Hegemonic Military.    

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Still wonder why Progressive Conservative/Passionate Conservative/Neo-Conservative Government is normally against everything good for overall Citizens including low tuition, guaranteed good jobs, good environment, healthcare and peaceful community without the threat of gun ownership? Kolki]


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