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(Dedicated to a Vegetarian World – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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I used to love meat!

I was raised among poultry and fish!

Nothing could excite my hunger best

Than just thought of curried egg and omelet!


Slowly I kept on losing

Appetite for meat and poultry

Egg was still favorite,

Until the look became detesting!


Stuck in a meat based society

My sudden conversion wasn’t easy!

At times it felt like self-defeating

Until I learn my own way of cooking!


Used spices for the flavor I was missing

Cut vegetables that appear appetizing

A good ripe fruit made my mouth watering

Meat substitutes tasted great without smelling!


Even my desert egg-less rice pudding

Became famous like Grandma’s cooking!

Overall it made me a better human being

Ready to preach for peace and vegetarianism!



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