[From the Author of “Poems by Kolki – Absolutely Humane”, “Real Path To 9/11” & “Sayings of Kolki”]




It’s amazing –

That sometimes something so simple

Can contribute toward such great results!

Just a few pictures and recorded answering machine voices

Keeping me alive and giving me strength

To pass through the most difficult time of my life!


As I regain my strength

And look forward to new life -

I wish everyone else in this world

Enjoys similar feelings from a friend

Helping them to climb the mountain -

Of difficult time.



Author: Deepak Sarkar, 844 Royal Oak Ave, Victoria, BC V8X 3T2, Canada; Tel/Fax: 250-412-2897;

E-Mail: Deepak.Sarkar@ieee.org; Poetry & Peace Web Site: www.kolki.com