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(Dedicated to Nobel Laureate Late Rabindranath Thakur of undivided Bengal & India – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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[No one documented God’s messages like what Nobel Laureate Poet ‘Rabindranath Tagore’ did through his poem songs! Kolki]


Rabindranath Thakur, known as Tagore -

The first Asian Nobel Laureate was born in Bengal!

Wrote and composed verses of realization

Learning at home and from natural sensation

Staying away from contemporary institutions!


A true prophet with well self documented artistry

A visionary with messages of love for God almighty

A philosopher with dreams of eternal unity -

In a society harmonized sharing joy of equity!


Yet unnoticed in the mainstream prophesised supremacy

Where unknown characters are deified for the industry

Making religion a tool of promoting endless slavery

Maintaining feudal status-quo of democratic hypocrisy

Dividing people and land, more and more, for security

Empowering few as the guardians of world’s resources and military!


But the day may not be far –

When people read and realize the bliss in loving care

Rising above superstitious doubts and fear

Baptized in inner-self power

Implement poetic dreams of a free united world!


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Note: Criticisms of the late Poet by some scholars and academics who are products of Colonial Oxford University like Ivy League Schools are natural because Tagore openly spoke against imperialism and colonialism! Here is a quote from one of his speeches in USA during his visit in 1920 (after WW I):  

It was easier for us to speak out against the British Empire in England than in America.” Tagore, during a speech in USA, 1920


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