(Dedicated to a healthy world Deepak Sarkar,


When its time for snacks

It is better to munch on grapes, donuts,

Carrot sticks, roasted unsalted peanuts,

Raw cashew, almond, pistachio nuts!


Hot Indian lentil mix, nachos with cheese,

Fresh apple, sugar cane, pumpkin seeds,

Dates, fried eggplant, spicy potato treats,

French fries, samosa, roll, pakora, biscuits!


Goal-gappa+, spicy puffed rice or chickpeas,

Coconut ball, falafel, peanuts with rice crisp,

Halwa*, chocolate, candies and cookies

Cream crackers with Philly cheese

Than carbonated drinks and potato chips!


*Goal-gappa Small hard shell puri-like made of cream of wheat and flower, served with potato and chick peas, filled in spicy tamarind water;

*Halwa Cream of wheat cooked with sugar, cashew, resins, and ghee;


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