[From the Author of “Poems by Kolki – Absolutely Humane”, “Real Path To 9/11” & “Sayings of Kolki”]



(Dedicated to all who can rise for truth and justice for peace in the world - Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)


Since childhood, I was little slow kind except running!

Used to think more than needed before responding -

That made me a fast runner, speed player

But a slow learner and delayed answerer!


Pressured by parents and peers, tried my best to become smart

Finished schools and universities learning state of the art

Discovered how smartness dictates career in the world

Surpassing honesty, creativity, sincerity and hard work -

Engaged in conflicts to reveal people only acting smart!


As I grew older –

My reactions to chronic world problems became even slower

Analyzing events more reading between lines undercover

Watched how we feel secured staying busy with career -

In better car, richer neighbourhood, bigger house and barrier

Ignoring bigotry, ideology leading to violence, terror and wars!


I slowed down to feel how earth spinning for daily rotation

Listened to plants, animals, birds, beyond civilized pollution

Saw God’s smiles illuminating dynamic creative evolution -

True smartness is to embrace truth against all humiliation!

Written June 9, 2006. 

[Without 9/11 Truth, Generations will live with lies endangering our world – Kolki]


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