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Proud Citizen

(Dedicated to good old World without border – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com )

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I always wanted to be a proud citizen

Where I could respect my leader as comrade

Feel good about people with character against violence

Honesty and humility are the main theme of coherence!  


My fate wasn’t easy, star wasn’t lucky

As the new born democracy converted to market economy

Importing violence, militia, agents, promoters, media takeovers

Destroying natural market, community, and freedom so dear!


God kept me alive as I studied hard with focus -

To gain educative voice against all odds!

Suddenly my first job landed me in USA

The land of Washington, Lincoln, Dr. King and Malcolm X!


After initial excitements, amazements and celebrations -

Soon realized it is no more the product of American Revolution!

My tax money went more to fund military and aid for allies

Than to feed and care for the homeless, helpless and hungry!

Democracy gave in to Supreme Court installed Presidency

People’s voice got defeated by a fiery new anarchy!


Disillusioned, I moved to Canada as Canadian

Appreciating values universal, people warmly humanitarian

Thanked God for the opportunity to taste real freedom -

Finally, I could proudly tell the world I found my home!


Government changed with new election

Importing greed, voucher, fear, resembling American Neo-Cons!

Disheartened! I looked back to my life and inner self!

Rejoiced!  Everything only helped me be a proud world citizen!


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[The Israeli Apartheid Wall around Palestine and US Iron Curtain around border with Mexico and Canada are examples of dividing forces against the common dream of an United World - Kolki]


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