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(Dedicated to Mother’s Day and ‘Mother Earth’ – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)


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I know most Mothers around the world are like my Mother!

Who work 365 days for needs of children - meals and care

Including breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner!


When we are resting, playing, learning

Moms are busy trying new recipes

Another after meal tasty cultural delicacy!


Making sure we have enough clean clothes to wear

Fixing torn ones, stitching quilt or weaving sweater!

Even in leisure time which is normally dear

They try to illuminate us reading from lost culture

Transfer forgotten knowledge of ancient scriptures!


When sick with infectious disease that scares doctors

Mamma is always by the bedside without fear

Praying, soothing pains with instincts in blood!


Now think about Mother Earth who is always there

Working mostly in silence with loving care

To ensure everything happens in a timely manner

Maintaining living needs in soil, water, and atmosphere

For generations after generations for the future

Even when real Mother is resting away from us!


Equating mother with ‘Mother Nature’

Together as children let us reward our mother -

Being consciously united as brothers and sisters

Guarding our environment and water

Ensuring peace prevails over conflicts and wars

The very basis of heavenly life we desire

Spreading the message of love loud and clear -

Celebration of Mother’s Day warrants a ‘Happy Mother Earth’!


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