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(Dedicated to a productive world of complimentary++ sex – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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We come in this world

As a helpless child!

Needing constant care and love

From our mother and father!


As time passes by –

We grow out of childhood

Overcoming the uncertain days of adolescence

Suddenly, we attain manhood or womanhood!


As our quest for the life begins

Meet many people, make many friends!

But a strange feeling of emptiness

Drives our search for the missing other self!


Suddenly, we find someone, the missing link -

Who resonates with our thoughts and feelings,

Reminds us the goodness of sharing and caring,

Gives us a company that feels like at home!


Days go by, months go by –

Love grows overcoming storms with Joy

Mind and body get closer and closer

Enjoying the complimentary chemistry and biological ecstasy

Souls discover the consciousness of oneness -

We call a ‘family’ of better halves –

That grows satisfying reproductive pleasures

Bringing in children for being fruitful on Earth!




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++ What is gay marriage? Shouldn’t it be called “guy+ union” without polluting the chastity of natural marriage of complimentary sex leading to responsible reproduction? We already lost the beautiful English word “gay” which meant joy and now about to lose “marriage” – the natural celebration of human reproduction with joyous responsible cultural communion! Kolki

+ Non-creative same sex between so called gay/lesbian