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Just Being Black

(Dedicated to athlete Demetrius DuBose, 28, gunned down by San Diego Police in cold blood on July 24, 1999 – and all victims of extra-judicial killings around the world - Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)


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Hi, I am (late) Demetrius DuBose!

It was summer of 1999 in San Diego

The football season was just picking momentum

I was spending time with my folks -

Before taking off for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!


As I was leisurely driving down the Mission Beach -

It brought back many memories of good old days -

Including my play at the Notre Dame!


Suddenly, I saw flickering police lights from behind

With high beam focused, urging me to stop by road side!


I looked at my odometer reading

No, I was not speeding

Is my license plate expired?

No, it is valid till next year -

I stopped anyway and waited for the surprise!


Two police officers approached me

And asked for my license and registration rudely

I acted promptly, as I was enjoying favorite music merrily!


They ordered me to come out of the car -

‘Anything wrong Officer?’, I asked!


Come out of the car, ‘mother F-word’, ‘Nigger’

Or we will blow your head like a fire cracker -

Scared, slowly I stepped out of my car!


They ordered me to lie down with hands on my back

As they were getting ready to put hand cuff -

I asked again, ‘Why? What did I do?’

‘You can explain that to court’, they yelled with anger!


I was completely taken aback -

And didn’t know what to do

Then I got very angry as I felt insulted -

And urged them to let me go!


They drew their firearms pointing to me

As I was shivering in a terrible fear breathing heavily

Then I raised my hands extended forward

Urging them to hand cuff me politely -

While trying to explain who I was!


Suddenly, I heard many loud booms

And a quick feeling of missing body parts

As blood was oozing out from my body

I tried to shout, but, couldn’t say anything!

All I saw a rapid rewinding of my life events -

Ending in sleep at my mother’s lap with pains!


Yes, Yes, Yes!

My brothers, sisters and citizens of the world –

I am Demetrius DuBose of Tampa Bay Buccaneers

They killed me, They killed me in cold blood

As if they were practicing shooting live deer!


They do it every day

They do it in every city, throughout USA

They did it because I was black

They do it because we are black

They do it because they know they can get by

They cook many stories in their media as they yawn -

But the truth is, they killed me in cold blood -

Just because I was black!!


Written Aug. 3rd, 1999, while in Jury duty at the San Mateo Court!


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