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Evolved humans engaged themselves in trading -

Since the dawn of civilized cultural beginning

When trading was a daring passion of sharing -

God’s enormous scattered gifts of eventful blessings!


Industrial age began with commercial mining and logging

Extracting the body of earth that supports beings

As few discovered public resources of endless profit making -

Hijacked trading as commerce of fast logging and digging!


Evolved people, animals, birds, fishes, watched in agony

Their home family community fell to wrath of mining, deforesting!

Shared ideas, exchanges, goodwill, unity of trading -

Gave in to strategy, dominance, wars of economic profiteering!


Soon hijackers needed military to protect resources, land, and money -

Once private to all world citizens by birth without hegemony!

Peaceful free City-States became divided into countries -

Encaging citizens within borders and walls of cruelty!


Enriched with money, power, protection of military privacy -

They became the class of supreme rulers as beholders of nobility

Inventing Kingship, Lordship, laws that guaranteed sustainable slavery -

Making free world smaller for many to enrich prison industry!


Religions became hijacked rewriting scriptures to support monarchy

Science gave in to research of destructive supremacist technology

Reproductive art of intimacy found market of hot selling pornography

Natural healers succumbed to profit making drug industry

Caring intuitive doctors became technical medical representatives!


People sacrificed under cross too long embracing miseries -

As modern history mainly documented kings and their victories! 

Always worried about job, health, education, pension, security -

 They hardly can equate hijacking to anything than air industry

As Nobles engineer high-tech hijacking of world Democracy!  

(Written June 11, 2006)

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