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(Dedicated to a world void of (Constitutional) Supremacist Monarchy – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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As the only super power joins United Monarchy

Insulting citizens, depriving democracy

Letting Military dictates the Presidency

Making Suicide Bombings Defence Industry -

No one (media) would blame Hitler or Nazi

As Neocons devise American foreign policy

PNAC, the Project of the New American Century

Unfurling ‘New Pearl Harbour’ for supremacy!


World watches silently

As war machines destroy countries

Creating fear, threats, and censorships

Silencing UN, numbing International Justice

Riding evangelic Biblical Prophecy

Humiliating loving Jesus with Vatican’s hypocrisy

The deadly Cross rids the world of old weeds

Guarding felons glorifying victory for security!


Hegemonic adventures pollute civilized 21st Century

Perpetuating misery of slavery

Dehumanizing naturally blessed humanity!


[Whenever National Security Prevails Over Individual Freedom A State Is Heading Toward Military Transition! Let us remind the World that preaching Domination is Terrorism, acting to achieve it is War Crime! Kolki]


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[Imagine if Hitler was made European Envoy after World War II and related Holocaust like UK’s Blair has been made Middle-East Envoy after Illegal Invasion of Iraq destroying ancient civilization, killing millions and displacing millions insulting UN, World Court and all democratic institutions! Kolki] 




Easy Methodology To End Constitutional Monarchies Peacefully in the West To Save And Maintain Democracies Around The World!


[Terrorism can never be fully addressed without eliminating brutal military terrorism! Kolki]

"Only tyrants can take a nation to war without the consent of the people. The planned war against Iraq without a Declaration of War is illegal. It is unwise because of many unforeseen consequences that are likely to result. It is immoral and unjust, because it has nothing to do with US security and because Iraq has not initiated aggression against us." —Congressman Ron Paul