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(Dedicated to a naturally healthy world void of profit from vulnerability – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

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‘Health is wealth’ is an old proverb!

That’s why many avoided diseases being vegetarian

Following natural diet and practicing yogic postures -

Used medicinal herbs and spices in salads, cooking and desserts

Some adopting concept of Halal or Kosher!

Food therapy became household mantra in ‘Ancient China’ -

Making nations happy, busy pursuing knowledge and culture

Free from industrial pollution and burden of expensive health care!


Everything changed with inception of Roman Aristocrats

Who ate and drank in party all night as elite

Often vomited for further eating delight

Feasting on animal parts while still alive!


The aristocratic power marched on with crusades

Invading Britain, France and Spain

Installed Kings, Mercenaries, Dukes and Knights

To Guard their fortune in the new world

Inventing religion of cross replacing love of Jesus Christ!


Their craving for power, assets, resources, knew no bounds

Soon they spread to America, Australia, and New Zealand

Grew economy enslaving others destroying forest and ground

Creating Industrial filths, military hazards, green house gases abound   

Enshrouding Earth with endless fear from Wars and Pandemic Virus!!


 Food for thought is the mantra for good health

Mind body connection helps one to rise above self!

Without good health life is nothing but burden -

Causing sufferings to family, community and friends!


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In a vegetarian world no one needs to worry about Kosher, Halal, Bird Flu, Mad Cow Disease and pollution from the waste of billions of killings. Kolki


Imagine if God had to live with human adjectives or labeling by profession. Being vegetarian and pursuing knowledge with an open mind one can reach the Conscious State beyond one’s profession, all acquired adjectives and religion. Kolki


Losing weight shouldn’t mean getting tired and miserable. A light vegetarian meal supplemented with nuts, fruits and milk, along with briskly walk or jogging can end most physical or mental sufferings! Kolki


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